One European Nation’s Success Against Terrorism

There is one nation in Europe that has NOT had any terrorist attacks. Years ago it warned the rest of Europe that by allowing Muslim immigrants into their nations, they were would suffer terrorist attacks.  The warning was not heeded.

Since that warning, the European Union has had numerous terror attacks large and small.  Rather than face the problem they created, the victim nations offer excuses about the attacks by Muslim immigrants.

Examine the map below and see if you know your geography.  Can you spot the terrorist free nation?

The citizens of this terror free nation overwhelming are against allowing Muslim immigrants settling in their nation.  This doesn’t mean it is Muslim free.  Instead, people of various religions come to study here because it has some of the finest universities in the world especially for the teaching of science and technology.

If a Muslim is accepted as a student, he/she will be closely monitored by the governments at every level. Furthermore, he/she will be monitored by university officials unlike American universities that do not monitor their students.

Their opposition against Muslim and their jihads is based on years of years of experience of fighting the Muslim Ottoman Empire. They were bitter struggles.

Most people have little or no knowledge of World History. The terror free nation is Poland. Poland was responsible in 1683 for stopping the Turkish jihad outside the gates of Vienna. King John Sobieski was the only European monarchy to come to the relief of Vienna when it was besieged by a massive Turkish Army.

In one massive charge Sobieski’s forces broke the siege, defeated the Turks and drove the Ottoman Army out of what is Austria today.  This historical critical battle marked the zenith of the Ottoman Empire’s quest to conquer Europe and impose Sharia Law. From 1683 onward, Turkish forces were gradually driven out of Europe with the exception of Istanbul.

The Polish people will not hesitate telling you that Islam is not a tolerant religion. You either accept it or you are an infidel.  According to the Poles, people from other religions who blindly accept what Muslims say are foolish and ignorant of Islamic History. Their ignorance has created the Islamic cultural/religious invasion of Europe along with terrorism.  Political correctness makes them into unthinking drones. They want to be liked but refuse to face reality.

Poles will tell you that Islam is the religion of honor killings of women, female genitalia mutilation, killing of infidels through blind obedience to a 7th century law and the Koran. In short, it is a religion that kills and destroys.

As a result, Poland is overwhelmingly against resettling Muslim immigrants from Western Europe. They fell that any sanctions from the European Union are better than having potential terrorists settle in their nation. Muslim assimilation is a myth they will tell you.

One Polish lady interviewed on the street stated, “For 1400 years they insulted our faith, our values and our society. They just want to live off the free government handouts in the rest of Europe. We will not allow it.”

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Hillary’s Blame Game

My previous article showed the top ten things Hillary Clinton blamed for her losing the 2016 election.  In her new book, there were far more excuses she listed. So many that it has become a joke.  Spin the blame wheel to see who she blamed for her loss!

Hillary is not doing well with her books.  Her last book was a dismal failure.  Less than three thousand copies were sold.  Will her present book suffer the same fate?

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Top 10 Reasons Hillary Wrote Lost Her The Election

These are just the top ten reasons.  There are many, many more in her book.

1.) The Russians: Long the target of wrath from Clinton, her followers and progressives in general, Russian interference tops the list of things that caused her eventual defeat. Whether it was Putin, WikiLeaks or the Trump team secretly dealing with Russia, the country and its leaders are at the top of her blame game list.

2.) Barack Obama: Surprisingly, outgoing President Obama is one of those to blame for Clinton’s loss. Despite the former president’s popularity with progressives, Clinton feels he managed to get in her way. According to the New York Times, Clinton blames Obama for the advice he gave her about dealing with Bernie Sanders, and for setting up a hostile environment with coal miners and the coal industry.

3.) Voter Suppression: Those evil conservatives were at it again, insisting that voters have identification and that individuals only vote a single time each. Clinton felt that voter ID laws somehow discouraged her own base from coming out. Perhaps she spent too much time catering to people who aren’t legally allowed to vote?

4.) Sexism: Clinton states that she lost primarily because of her gender. Sexism is a longstanding theme in “What Happened”, with one of the most repeated lines having something to do with the fact that a female in the White House scares people. Considering this, it’s pretty odd that many Republican superstars over the past decade have been female.

5.) Bernie Sanders: The popular senator from Vermont was a huge problem for Clinton throughout the primaries, and she failed to secure his grassroots, fundamental followers. Sanders’ followers failed to convert to Clinton, particularly after it was revealed that the DNC may have colluded with Clinton during the primary. Clinton also blames Jill Stein, to a lesser degree, stating the candidate pulled away critical votes in key states like Pennsylvania.

6.) James Comey: The former FBI director’s investigation into Clinton over her use of a private email server disrupted her campaign and momentum. According to the New York Times, Clinton felt that Comey’s investigations halted her progress and allowed now President Trump to portray her as “Crooked Hillary”.

7.) The Mainstream Media: Despite huge support from traditional news programs, magazines and papers, Clinton blames publications like the New York Times and broadcasters like CNN for covering her email investigation and scandal. It’s almost as if she thought it was their job to get her elected…

8.) The Electoral College: Despite being in place for a very long time, the Electoral College system of voting was also responsible for Clinton’s loss. She feels that had a different approach to counting and calculating votes been implemented, she would have won.

9.) Fake News: The entire news industry is also to blame for Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election, according to her new book. Fake news, and people that were not clever enough to seek out the real story were also to blame for her loss.

10.) Bad Polling: The polls got it all wrong, leading Democrat voters and Clinton supporters to feel that she had the election all wrapped up, so they stayed home. Clinton also took aim at voter data supplied by the DNC, stating it was poor, inaccurate and “nonexistent”.

While Clinton does mention in her book that she takes responsibility for her loss, the actual text reveals a different story. Dozens of individuals, organizations and even the slow-wittedness and lack of discernment of the American people are blamed for her loss to President Trump, in excruciating detail.

Or was Clinton simply not a strong candidate with a message that resonated with the American people?


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College Politics Have Consequences

Political correctness, social justice, etc. are the political terms that are enflaming certain college students. Encouraging them are the ultra far left professors who offer extra credit to their students who act as street and college enforcers of their radical views. Rather than treat all students as equals, many college professors use grades to punish those who have alternative political views. Class rooms have been turned into left wing propaganda podiums. But it may be backfiring on them.

According to a document leaked to The Oberlin Review, the school’s student newspaper, the ultra left wing college is facing declining enrollment and a $5 million deficit.

Cornell Law professor William A. Jacobson reported the “the most obvious culprit is the school’s relentless social justice warfare.… Social justice warfare at Oberlin has been more intense and sustained over a longer period of time than at most schools, and has come to define Oberlin in the media. The resulting mockery and derision, even in liberal publications, has damaged the Oberlin brand.”

Oberlin College ultra left wing politics is creating consequences for them.  People want an education that will help them obtain careers. They are not interested in having left wing propaganda poured down their throats.

Last year, Princeton University prepared some left wing rules that would have suppressed alternative views. Surprisingly, the university’s student newspaper came out in opposition to the proposed rules. They stated that the students should hear alternative views and make up their own minds as to what was valid and reliable.

In addition, Scottish colleges and universities last year faced a backlash against political correctness. Students were adamant they didn’t want it. After all, if a professor uses his podium to not teach the subject but uses class time to deliver a one sided political speech, it is wasting not only the students’  time but their money also.

I worked in a college where a math professor berated a student for class period.  The student’s transgression was that he did not believe that Obama was a good presidential candidate. Rather than tell the student he had a right to his opinion, the college professor wasted a math class yelling at the student. The professor’s actions stunned the other students. This incident served as a microcosm of what was and would happen in thousands of classrooms over the years. Academic tyranny!

Many students today are not really trained for the work world.  They are coddled and treated like infants.  They cannot stand words that they consider offensive.  Words are onerous not because they are filthy or harsh but because they consider certain words to be politically incorrect or hateful language. Even alternative viewpoints are onerous merely because they don’t fit into the left wing ideology.

This lack of reality has created a new enterprise.  There is a company in Connecticut that advertises they can help weed out the “snowflake” job applicants. The company’s business is already booming.

It will be interesting to find out in the future how the sensitive  infantile social justice advocates fare in their career endeavors. They just might have to go for the minimum wage jobs in the fast food industry or go on welfare.  Only time will tell.

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Bernie Sanders Flawed Socialist Model

Bernie touts the wonders of Socialist Denmark at his political rallies.     His followers embrace his generated image of the country without looking at the facts. Denmark has its freebies and welfare programs but they going broke fast.  How do I know?  I know a native born Dane who will give you the facts that Bernie and the media ignore.

Here are examples: They have some of the highest taxes in the world.  For example, there is a 25% sales tax. Can you image buying the family groceries with a tax this high?

The government takes over half of a person’s paycheck in order to redistribute it to the people who don’t work.  The problem is that the number of workers supporting the system is shrinking.  So the government passes new laws calling for higher taxes.  Among those who are on welfare are Muslim immigrants who refuse to work. Why should they?  They can have all of the benefits without paying into the system.

My Danish friend told me that the government publicly tells a rosy story that everybody is happy; however, if you talk to the Danes on the street they claim the government is sucking them dry.  He said American would never like living in a Danish home because the average number of rooms is 3 per dwelling.  Furthermore, the rooms are small.

Most Danes use bikes rather than cars for transportation. In addition, the birth rate is going down because married couples opt to have just one child. The choice is influenced by how expensive it is to live there. The declining Danish population means less people to support their Socialist government and its programs.

Yes Denmark has free healthcare and free college. It sounds rosy but there is a caveat. The nation is suffering a shortage of university trained engineers and degrees in the sciences. Many high paying jobs are vacant because people don’t want them. Instead, citizens are taking majors that are “fulfillment” according to a recent survey. To some it may sound good but it means a loss of business to outsiders who have the technical skills. The “fulfilled” students are taking lower paying jobs.  Students rationalize their choice by saying why spend years studying for a high paying career when the government will take as much as 56% of you salary. It is not worth it.

My Danish friend who now lives in the US said he moved here because his salary as a technical expert was eaten up by the government’s funding of the welfare state.  He went on to say that it is a myth that the government will provide free medical help until death.  He said his mother was DENIED medical prescriptions by doctors because they said she was too old and would eventually die. He traveled back to Denmark years ago and fought with the doctors because his mother was NOT even close to death. Eventually he persuaded the doctors to issue the prescriptions his mother needed but he pays for the medicine and not the government.

He admitted their medical facilities are far from the best. According to him, American hospitals have equipment the Danish hospitals dream about but cannot afford.

The Danish economy is weakening just like Sweden’s. The nation is being swamped by Muslim immigrants who are takers.  Along with the migration came a massive crime wave. Again the government tries to provide a rosy picture; however, my friend said when he talks with his fellow countrymen, they tell him that they are hiding the truth. The Danes never had a high crime rate until recently. It came with the influx of immigrants. Robbery is the top crime in Denmark now.

Bernie Sanders and his followers are ignorant of the facts or just want to ignore the facts. Danes want to move out of the nation but can’t afford to do so according to my Danish friend. He and many of his friends expect Denmark to be a Muslim nation in ten years if things don’t change.

People also use England’s socialized medicine as an example we need to follow. The new media didn’t report that the head of England’s medical system reported a few years ago they are running out of money. Yes you can get free medical attention at a clinic for common ailments. But their hospitals like Denmark’s don’t compare to American hospitals.

Another friend ‘s granddaughter was studying in the United Kingdom until she came down with a major illness that required hospitalization. After being admitted to the hospital, she called home and asked her family to get her out of the country and home to the United States for medical treatment.  She told her grandfather that the British hospital was like taking a step back to the 1940’s. Like Denmark, they didn’t have the high tech medical devices that are standard in American hospitals. They are years behind ours.

She was brought back to the US and quickly recovered. If you ask her about the socialized medicine of England, she will give you an ear full of her bad experience in the English hospital.

If the socialist system medicine is so good, why do people with major medical problems come to the US?

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The True Charlottesville Story

For people who don’t know history, the Confederate statues throughout the south were erected by Democrats.  Democrats dominated southern politics before and after the Civil War.

Some consider President Andrew Jackson to be the father of the Democratic Party. It was during his administration they adopted that name. Jackson was a major slave plantation holder.  So why isn’t the left wing demand the removal of ALL statues of Jackson?


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Trump Doctrine

Tonight, August 21, 2017, President Trump gave an historic speech. He announced a new policy/strategy that has implications for the war in Afghanistan.  No longer is the United States going to be involved in “nation building”. This reverses decades of trying to make nations over in the image of the United States. Instead, nations must choose their own destiny especially Afghanistan.

He served notice that the United States will wage war to win.  Trump made it clear that he will not micromanage the military’s efforts to fight the war. Our military has the brains and capacity to fight an effective and punishing war against the terrorists who threaten us and our allies. Instead, he will support their efforts with diplomatic, economic and military resources. He called upon our allies to bolster our efforts in killing the terrorists who are carrying out deadly attacks primarily in Europe.

Rather than arbitrary time tables, conditions in Afghanistan will determine the actions of the United States. He made it clear that the Afghan Government can only depend upon American support by taking a leading role in defeating the terrorists and not allowing the nation to become a sanctuary for terrorists again.

There will not be announcements of what the United States will do publicly because the enemy will adjust their strategy to counter American moves. Instead, the military has been given the green light to pursue victory without restraints from the Trump Administration. The goal of the US and our allies is to crush all the terrorists.

He issued a warning to Pakistan.  No longer can that nation expect to be given billions so they remain friendly towards the United States. Pakistan has been both a friend and enemy when it suited them in Afghanistan. They have supported the Taliban and have acted against them in their Northwest Territories. President Trump will not allow them to sit on the fence.  If they want continued economic support, they must not allow the Taliban to use their nation as a sanctuary. This is quite a warning since Pakistan needs that economic support. In addition, President Trump called on India, Pakistan’s enemy, to get more involved economically in Afghanistan.  This is a direct challenge to Pakistan. India is bigger and wealthier than Pakistan. Pakistan’s dubious role as a supporter and player in Afghan politics would be in jeopardy if India got involved.

In the larger picture, President Trump issued a warning to all nations that our economic aid will depend upon their support or lack of it. This has been a criticism of US policies under previous presidents. Too often money has been doled out even to hostile governments under the mistaken believe it would make them friendlier. Previous presidents obviously never learned their history lessons.

Trump does not believe in “leading from behind”. Victory is the goal. He wants American and allied forces to obliterate the terrorists so they no longer pose a threat to the American people. Rather than put politics at the top of his agenda and retain power, he wants to provide for the security of the American people. This is why his speech was so important.

You can be sure China will probably end up financially supporting Pakistan.  They already have bases in the country.  But the United States has wasted billions trying to Pakistan to act against the terrorists. The money can be better used to build up our own military.

Those people who believe that there should be peaceful solutions to terrorism are delusional. Terrorism is not new. If you study history, it has been around since the Stone Age. A good example that the kiss and hug groups that think this is the only solution obviously don’t understand why the United Nations was created. The UN was suppose to end wars and other violent actions through peaceful means. Since its creation, it has failed in that purpose like the pre-World War II League of Nations.

At the very least, unlike the Obama Administration we now have a clear strategy for the future. Only time will tell how effective the strategy will be. For our safety, all Americans need to support it.


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