Liberal Idealism Endangering Americans (Part 2)

The attack in Britain is another wake up call to all Americans that we need to minimize ISIS inspired terrorists from entering the US.  There are multiple intelligence warnings that as ISIS loses territory in Syria and Iraq, they are sending many of their fighters out of the Middle East into Europe and North America.

Britain’s Air Marshall Stuart Peach already issued a warning that ISIS fighters are slipping out of the region and assuming false identities so they can freely travel to Europe and North America. (See the original blog “Liberal Idealism Endangering Americans on Peach’s warning.)

President Trump’s request for more extreme vetting is designed to prevent just what Marshall Peach warned the world about.  Despite this, you have political hack judges issuing lame-brain and poorly defined injunctions against Trump’s new temporary traveling visa ban.  The judges are playing politics with the lives of the American people. Rather than put our safety and security first, they are fighting a legitimate executive order that Trump has every right to issue.

The question is will these judges and liberals who support them take responsibility if we experience another  terrorist attack? I doubt it.  But the blood of innocent people will be on their hands and history will judge them accordingly.

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Why are liberals against prosperity?

Think about it!  We have a president who has established new positive records and he is viciously attacked by liberals.  Consumer confidence is up, Wall Street has established new investment records, thousands of new full-time jobs are being created, Japan has pledged to invest billions in the American economy, private business entrepreneurs have pledged to invest in startup companies, Federal Reserve Board has raised the interest rate for the first time in eight years signifying a health economy, corporations have announced the building of new plants in the US, etc.

Despite these positive signs, liberals continue to attack the man who made it all possible. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises unlike most politicians who just want to be elected over and over. Refreshing!

Trump’s cabinet is being filled primarily with business people who know how to make money rather than politicians and academics who just want to spend money. They are people with proven management records for making fortunes and creating jobs. Yet liberals scream and yell about them.  Why?

Do they prefer the spenders who drive up our national debt? Do they prefer people like the Obama Energy Secretary who invest in Solyndria even though it was a failing company? Do they prefer a president who creates more government jobs than private sector jobs? Do they prefer having a President like Obama who set a new economic record for NEVER achieving 3% national growth during his eight years in office? Etc, etc, etc….  You get the picture!

The answer is obvious. Yes! Why?

They are tied to an ideology of failure. I’ll repeat that. THEY ARE TIED TO AN IDEOLOGY OF FAILURE!

Rather than being realistic they are idealistic. They want the world as they envision it rather than the way the world actual is. They think that the federal government is smarter than they are and can make society better through its policies. They think that government can legislate social equality. This is their vision.

It is the vision of the left – the Marxist left. Marx wanted to destroy all classes through violent revolution. He wanted one big happy class – the proletariat. Marx’s dream resulted in the Communist revolution in Russia in 1917. All opposition was suppressed through the “Red Terror”. We see portions of it today in the leftist violent street protests, the violent blocking of conservative speakers on college campuses, and the hateful threatening speeches against Trump and conservatives.

But they ignore the truth. Venezuela is a perfect example of what they desire. It is a Marxist paradise. In the leftist paradise of Venezuela the government controls the economy and makes the decisions. As a result, they have food shortages, rampant inflation, shortage of medicine, doctors fleeing the nation, suppression of all opposition, border control to stop people from fleeing, money that is so worthless people must carry it in suitcases to pay for goods, energy that must be rationed (it is an oil rich nation), etc.

If the Marxist ideal is so great why aren’t people fleeing from Central America to Venezuela to “fulfill their dream” in that nation?

So when you look at what liberals stand for you know why our nation needs to “drain the swamp”. They stand for massive government, high taxes, lack of economic growth, stagnating wages, part-time jobs, unaffordable health care, the decline of the middle class*, welfare, illegal criminals, no border security and suppression of free speech. No wonder Trump wanted to Make America Great Again. Obama did a good job of wrecking it with the support of the leftist liberals.

*According to Department of labor statistics, the American middle class decline by 7% under Obama. That 7% took it below the 50% mark.

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Let Them In, Let Them In – They are harmless.

This mantra from our liberals is heard over and over. They seemed to believe that all refugees are innocent and good people.  Many of them are probably that way. But it is also a dangerous belief.

France and Germany believed they were being good when they allowed millions of so-called refugees into their nations. Some of their government officials are still in denial about who they let in as refugees.

I wonder how many liberals, especially women, would hold on to their belief that Muslims are all good and should not be vetted like Trump wants when they read about what has happened in Australia.

Primary school teachers in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading by their young Islamic students. Not only are these threats being made but the Muslim students are bullying other students to read the Koran.

Teachers are so scared they are receiving counseling because of the stress from violent threats. Three teachers have taken a leave of absence and one has quit her job because of death threats to her family.

Yes, you read that correctly, primary school students threatening to behead teachers.

The teacher who quit her job reported these problems to the administration as early as 2014.  In one incident, she was shoved into a corner by a student who canted the Koran as he marched around her.  In another incident, she prevented students from displaying a Syrian flag in class and was subjected to extreme bullying by her Muslim students.

Students were not exempted from the bullying either. She reported a series of bullying incidents to the Department of Education but no action was taken.

Now if this is happening in Australia, why wouldn’t it happen here in the United States?  Or is it happening here and like the Australia education authorities are they ignoring the problem?

Think about it!  Would you want your children to be subjected to bullying and threats from unvetted Muslims?  Would you want the teachers of your children to be threatened also with violence?

Now let me give a personal example from about 15 years ago.  In the school where I worked, we had a Palestinian male student who was abusive towards his female teachers. He had no respect for them because they were beneath him. As a result, he acted out his distain by verbally abusing them.

It came to a head when he threatened a female teacher and scared her tremendously. The school administration tried counseling him to no avail.  Finally, they had his father come in because the administration felt the boy needed to be removed from the school.  The father said he would take care of the problem.

The boy’s father did talk to him.  His behavior only changed in so-far as he watched what he said and was more respectful towards the teachers; however, his teachers reported that they still feared him. He still seethe beneath the surface. It was often expressed in a look he gave them. His teachers were relieved when he graduated.

After his graduation, his frightened teachers wondered what he would be like to work with knowing his distain for women. Can you imagine working with a man from a culture where women are lesser beings and not worthy of a man’s respect? Well, this is what our American society faces because of the liberal attitude.

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Liberal Idealism Endangering Americans

The hue and cry among liberals is to allow Muslim refugees into the USA without limits or restrictions. But there is never any thought given to who may be allowed into the USA as a refugee especially in this age of terrorism.

Now an alarm is being raised which the liberal main stream media ignores. Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Britain’s senior military commander, has warned that “a network of combat experienced terrorists” may be head to Europe and the USA. This is based on British Intelligence working in the Middle East. In a speech at the London-based think tank Royal United Services Institute Peach stated,” They (ISIS) are losing territory rapidly, foreign fighters are being killed and displaced but they are moving in migrant flows, hiding in plain sight.” He warned that thousands of ISIS adherents have secured new identities to get through check points. Sir Stuart warned, “How we manage identity in a world where people are deliberately trying to destroy their identity documents and move in migrant flows – it is a very important document.”

Now Trump’s so-called Muslim travel ban addresses the very issue that Sir Stuart Peach warned about – migrant identity. The visa ban is designed to stop possible terrorists from migrating to the USA as simple refugees; therefore, Trump’s ban is prudent.

There have also been warnings about a loop hole in the visa process. American security experts warned that the present visa program admits religious workers from other countries on a temporary basis. According to the visa regulations, non-immigrant clerics and religious workers, including spouses and unmarried children under 21, are allowed to stay in the United States for up to five years. They can then apply for permanent resident status.

Adnan Khan, former president of the Council of Pakistan American Affairs, warned “People have come in and tried to come in with this visa to preach their hardline and dangerous views, and then encourage [the] vulnerable to travel back with them where they are further brainwashed and can potentially be used to harm the USA. The solution isn’t banning innocent Muslims and migration, but looking at visas like this one which have raised red flags and caused trouble in the past.”

Khan tried to have the Obama Administration look into this issue but was ignored for years despite the fact that he was a Muslim trying to warn the administration about the danger.

Despite the urgency of these warning liberals play politics.  Liberal judges and the ACLU have consistently block President Trump’s efforts to have better screening of people applying for visas. Rather than place the security and well-being of all Americans first, they do their utmost to block, impede and obstruct Trump’s Administration adjusting the visa process so there is more stringent vetting to weed out the hardliners and terrorists Peach and Khan warned about.

The liberal mentality is making the US more vulnerable to possible future terrorist attacks. They will deny their culpability but their idealism will fuel and expedite jihadi efforts to kill Americans. Like Obama, they will never admit their guilty as accessories in terrorist evil deeds but will rationalize that it is the fault of others. Yet by fighting efforts to amend and fix our visa process, they will have to share responsible for any attacks on American soil.

Now is the time to support President Trump and make America safe. Stringent vetting now could save American lives later.

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Democratic Party Committing Political Suicide

The Democrats followed Obama’s every wish and supported every policy he espoused. As a result, they lost more combined seats in the US Senate, US House, Governorships, State Legislative Seats and State Chambers than any President since FDR. What a dismal record!


Rather than shift their policies and disavowal his failures, they continue to defend his legacy. This isn’t a surprise because like lemmings committing suicide by following their leader off of a cliff, they supported his every wish.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi  declared they had to pass the Obama Care legislation without reading it to know what was in it? The Democrats willingly followed her command and passed one of the worst pieces of legislation in the history of the United States. At the time, they refused to allow the Republicans to participation in the planning and writing of the law.  It was exclusively a partisan law that wasn’t even debated in the House or Senate.  That is what they do in dictatorships!

Obama even declared you can keep your health plan and you can keep your doctor which turned out to be outright lies. But the members of Congress defended him even after his words were proven to be false and misleading. So they proved they were lemmings again.

The major insurance companies like United Health Care, Humana, Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield have been withdrawing from the Obama Care health plan because they said it was unsustainable. They have all taken loses of hundreds of millions of dollars because the law didn’t do what Obama and the Democrats claimed it would do with health care costs. Instead of being the Affordable Care Act, it has become the Unaffordable Care Act due to extremely high premiums and deductibles.

Add to this the lack of transparency, a foreign policy that was a shambles, the enormous $9 trillion dollar debt the Obama Administration accumulated, the failed “shovel ready” jobs initiative, the disastrous infrastructure plan, the ridiculous emphasis on global warming as the greatest danger,  the failed stimulus, the lack of good economic growth, the decline of the middle class by 7 percent, the addition of 7 million people to the welfare rolls, the 13 million additional people on food stamps, the failed reset with Russia, the paying of ransom money to Iran, etc. These and other failed Obama Administration policies and procedures were endorsed, supported and defended by the Democrats.

So now we have a declining Democratic Party. Instead of giving up on the failed leadership of Obama and his policies, they continue to defend him and his legacy to the determent of their party.  This is why in the 2018 election look forward to addition party loses in state and federal elections.  It is a party inflicting a self-imposed wound.

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Swedish Politicians Say Trump Is Right About Muslims In Sweden

President Trump was attacked by the liberal main stream media when he declared Sweden was suffering a crime wave due to its Muslim refugees.  Almost immediately after his pronouncement, riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malmo which provided credence to Trump’s announcement.  Now two Swedish politicians, Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson, leaders of the Sweden Democrats wrote a co-op piece in the Wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. “If anything, he understated them.”

So now the liberal media has proven that they definitely suppress news that is embarrassing to their ideological view concerning Muslim refugees; furthermore, it demonstrates that Trump’s quest to have extreme vetting of Muslims from those 7 lawless nations is right and just.

Akesson and Karlsson wrote, “Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life.” It sounds like Chicago and other sanctuary cities.

“Police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel are regularly attacked. Serious riots in 2013, involving many suburbs with large immigrant populations, lasted for almost a week. Gang violence is booming. Despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.”

Woo! Let’s repeat that last statement, “Despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.” Hmmm, sounds like Chicago and the sanctuary cities.

As I wrote in a previous blog, a Danish friend has been telling me for months that the liberal press and governments in Scandinavia have been suppressing stories about refugee violence in that region. Well, it seems that the liberal American press has been doing the same thing.

“Anti-Semitism has risen. Jews in Malmo are threatened, harassed and assaulted in the streets. Many have left the city, becoming internal refugees in their country of birth.” Wow! So much for the tolerance of the Muslim refugees!

Finally, Akesson and Karlsson issued a warning to Americans, “For the sake of the American people with whom we share so many strong historical and cultural ties, we can only hope that the leaders in Washington won’t make the same mistakes that our socialist and liberal politicians did.”

You can be sure the liberal Democrats will continue to act on the assumption that inviting unvetted Muslims refugees will not endanger our nation despite warnings like this.  We can only conclude they are more interested in their ideology than the safety and security of all Americans.

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Sweden’s Failed Sanctuary

The liberal leftist press has accused Trump of fabricating stories about the refugee crime wave in Sweden. I mentioned in a previous blog that a friend of mine who is Danish told me last year that there is a cover-up in the Scandinavian countries about this problem.  My friend travels back and forth between that region and the US on business and to see his family. “C” told me that the governments of this region are suppressing news about the severity of the problem. He said if you talk to the people on the street, they contradict the governments’ propaganda that all is well and there is no crime wave.

Sweden has a national crime survey which is printed every year. Since refugees started to flood into Europe, you can see from these crime statistics rise especially violent crimes.

This past month, the police chief of Malmo, Sweden issued a plea for help to stem the rising tide of attempted murders, rapes and beatings. 32 per cent of Malmo is now Muslim refugees. In 2016 there were 52 grenade attacks alone according to the Swedish Police Authority. Grenades!!!

Sweden’s terror threat is elevated.  Swedish authorities have identified at least 300 men who have traveled to Syria for “jihad” training. ISIS has said they would infiltrate Europe with jihad warriors claiming refugee status. Sweden is one of the nation’s facing this threat.

The best testimony comes from a Swedish police officer who faces possible punishment by the government because of this post on Facebook:

His predicament is typical. Swedish police officers are either retiring or quitting because the government refuses to admit there is a crime wave. Police officers are overwhelmed. Already the National Swedish Police Chief is trying to recruit additional police officers to replace the lost officers.  Unfortunately, he is not having much success.

If you think about it, Sweden’s dilemma sounds like our “sanctuary” cities. Nothing but increasing crime waves!

This is why Trump is correct calling for extreme vetting.  It is for the safety and well-being of all Americans.

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