Liberals False Claims After 2018 State of the Union Address

Liberals have been burning social media with their attacks on President Donald Trump. They claim that the economy was recovering because of Obama. Really? So they are claiming it took eight years for Obama to move the nation out of a recession and grow the economy despite the fact that he NEVER had a 3 per cent GDP growth during his entire administration. He rarely had two per cent. Their words and actions show that Trump is devastating the Obama legacy.  Remember Obama announced that the slow growth was “the new norm”.

They are so desperate to push their left wing ideology they have engaged in multiple name calling tweets, comments, remarks, etc. laced with expletives against the president while ignoring what he has achieved for all Americans especially the common man. They are like the verbal school bully who screams and shouts to intimidate others.

History demonstrated that as soon as Trump was elected president, Wall Street and the economy took off in an upward surge. Scores of corporate presidents and CEOs have publicly admitted that the growth in business this year was due to Trump’s tax cuts and deregulations. Their words demonstrate the left’s lies.

Let’s take a recent example.  The day after Trump’s first State of the Union Address, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge reported that the Labor Department reported that “Trump’s First Year Saw Americans’ Compensation Rise At Fastest Pace Since 2008”. He wrote, “…, private-sector wages and salaries rose from a year earlier by 2.8 percent, also matching the best gain of this expansion. Several industry groups registered increases of 3 percent or higher, led by transportation and material moving at 3.5 percent and service occupations at 3.3 percent, underscoring demand for labor.”

ADP/Moody’s Analytics had another crushing report supporting Trump’s economic plans.  In January, 2018 there were 234,000 jobs created. The prediction was there would only be 185,000. In December it was predicted there would only be 148,000 jobs created but the prediction was way off. Instead there 242,000 jobs that opened up.

Job creation under President Trump has boomed and no false narratives by the left wing can change these facts and the fact that major corporations will be creating over 2.5 million jobs in the future.  The CEOs publicly announced these new jobs will be created because of Trump’s economic policies.

But wait, the Atlanta Federal Reserve projects the economy will grow to 4.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2018.  According to the FED, “Economic growth overall has been solid….”

The Democrats and far left liberals are playing a losing game because the facts contradict their statements. Their Trump bashing and unwillingness to face the fact that Obama failed will eventually have consequences for them. By ignoring Trump’s achievements and their unwillingness to cooperate in building a better America, they will suffer in the 2018 elections. The common man is finally being served by a president who is working hard to keep his promises and is making history. As a mid-western woman told me recently, “The hard working common man is no longer being ignored. They have a champion in Trump.”


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Diamond and Silk’s Remarks On Trump’s State of the Union Address

The liberals criticism after President Trump’s first State of the Union Address was virulent, caustic and unrealistic. This means his speech was a resounding success. Liberals don’t seem to understand that the more they attack Trump’s success, the greater their lack of achievement shines forth. They are scared.  They don’t have policies or successes they can point to which have benefited the American people. After eight years of far left liberal Obama policies, Trump’s successes in his first year have been greater than any president in our history.  Moreover, his successes by contrast show the up the failures of Obama and the Democrats.

Rather than work on behalf of the America people, Democrats work to maintain their power. They turned down Trump’s compromise offer of citizenship for “Dreamers” in return for building the wall. Now people are starting to question their motives.  Back in the 90’s many of these Democrats announced they were for the wall, including President Bill Clinton, and were in favor of deporting the “Dreamers”. They reversed their stand because it is the only issue they can run on in 2018 and 2020.

On the Fox and Friends show today, January 30, 2018, two Internet stars know as Diamond and Sick blasted the Democrats for not standing in honor of some of the people Trump introduced in the gallery and not applauding the record of successes he has achieved in such a short time.  The entire interview of these ladies can be seen by cutting and pasting this into your URL. It is the best critique of the Democrats and is well worth seeing in its entirety.

Here are some of their remarks:

“… Democratic lawmakers sit down on the American people…. They want to take us back to the Jim Crow days.”

“It reminded me of that president that said ‘We’re going to give you enough to keep you quiet but not enough to make a difference.’” (Reference to President Lyndon Johnson)

“We need to grant them a pass to retirement.”

“They’re back in the sixties.” (A reference to the Black Caucus)

“Why wouldn’t you be happy with having more money in your pocket? They want to hand you crumbs.”

“The Democrats are acting just like their party symbol and I’m not talking about a donkey.”

Watch it and learn!

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Ssh! Democrats Don’t Want People To Know This

Democrats are screaming about the tax cuts and DACA. They rely upon the short memory of Americans.  In the first two years of the Obama Administration, they controlled the Presidency, House of Representatives and the Senate. They could pass any law they wish to help the American people and the so-called “Dreamers”; however, they did nothing.  Their failure to act demonstrates they did not care about the American people or the Dreamers.

Obama declared the “new normal” was the continuation of high taxes.  This included federal, state and local taxes. They now complain bitterly about how the Trump tax cuts and cutting of regulations has achieved record growth and prosperity. In one year Trump and the Republicans have achieved what the Obama Administration and Democrats failed to do in eight years.

The founder of Home Depot said in an interview this past week the “Democrats are out of touch with reality”. He further declared they only seem interest in getting votes to stay in power. This is why they now champion DACA. True!

For instance, California has a new proposed law that would grant aliens the right to vote automatically when they get a driver’s license. Legally, it would only give them the right to vote in state and local elections. Yet it has been under reported that aliens illegally voted in federal elections according to the Federal Elections Commission. So voter fraud will continue in California and possibly other Democrat controlled states.

Trump announced he would consider negotiating citizenship for Dreamers if Democrats would support building the southern border wall. But Democrats refuse to even negotiate any compromise.

Schumer originally agreed to negotiate the border wall and the status of the Dreamers with Trump and then backed off the agreement.  Why? It was an opportunity for the Democrats to gain possible citizenship for the Dreamers and end the political divide. Schumer never adequately explained himself.  As a result, Dreamers saw their dream slipping away and protested outside his New York house.

Dreamers are pawns to the Democrats. They are future voters who can help the Democrats retain power in states like, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, California, etc. By their actions, Democrats are saying “to hell” with Americans. We are not interested in helping the nation but in power. Unfortunately, too many liberals support them under the misguided moral notion that they are helping the unfortunate. They need to wake up and realize how the Democrats are using them.

This is the same political party that froze out Republicans in preparing and passing the Affordable Care Act. Instead they rammed it through Congress.  As Pelosi stated, “We have to pass it to know what is in it.” Her words will go down in history as one of the greatest political scandals in history. The Democrats would not even debate it on the floor of Congress.

The Democrats say they are for Americans but their actions don’t’ agree with their words. The party has sunk to a new low.

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Immigrant Myths

Liberals believe that everybody who immigrated to the United States in the past was accepted without exception.  FALSE! Millions were refused entry into the country for a varied of reasons. Officials and doctors examined immigrants entering the nation to decide if they would allow them  the nation.

A disease that was highly contagious back then was tuberculosis. In history books it might list the disease as consumption. People who had the disease were assigned to sanatoriums to prevent the spread of the disease. If an immigrant had tuberculosis, they would be quarantined immediately. Many of those afflicted were refused entrance into the US and they faced being returned to their country of origin. There was no known cure for it. This safety measure was to prevent epidemics from spreading among Americans.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century the most infamous terrorist group was the anarchist. Their symbol was a round black bomb with a burning fuse because many of their attacks were carried out by bombing. (Bombing sound familiar) In Europe, emperors, government officials and others were killed by these terrorists. They were active within the United States also. For instance, somebody threw a bomb at the police at a labor rally in the Haymarket Square in Chicago. The bombing was blamed on anarchist leading to massive arrests.

In 1920 there was a premature explosion on Wall Street. The person transporting the bomb hid it in a horse cart. He was killed, pieces of his wagon was scattered for hundreds of feet and his horse was killed. One of the people almost killed was a young man by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who just walked into his house. He was shielded by the stone facing of his house.  Many other innocent people were killed.

There were also bombs sent in the mail to various people including the Attorney General of the United States. In his case his maid opened the package containing the bomb and was severely injured. The Attorney General ordered the roundup of Socialist, Anarchists and other radicals.

It should be noted that by this time the Communist Revolution in Russia had succeeded. The Communists were calling for world revolution to overthrow capitalist nations. Because of labor unrest, the Marxist/Communist felt the United States was ripe for an overthrowing the government.

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman were two of the most outspoken radicals in the United States. Berkman had previously served a prison term for attempted murder of industrialist Henry Clay Frick but was out of jail by this time advocating the overthrowing of the US Government at the time of the bombing.

They and the other radicals were deported principally to Communist Russia.  A departing Emma Goldman declared, “I’m going to paradise”. What she thought was paradise turned out to be hell.  She was caught trying to sneak back into the United States a few years later.

So contrary to what liberals and Democrats claim today, officials at Ellis Island and other immigration centers worked to filter out radicals, criminals and those who carried certain diseases. The immigrant centers served as gatekeepers to keep undesirable aliens out of the nation. Sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they did not.

In addition, immigrants had to have a sponsor who would vouch for them and be responsible for the immigrant financially. It was expected that the immigrant would obtain a job, pay taxes and support him/herself once they became a resident. They were NOT to be a burden on society by not working and being on the dole taking welfare.

In those days unskilled labor was the thing. Men were needed to dig ditches, mine coal, work in iron foundries and do other manual tasks. Women worked as maids, factory workers, etc. to help the men. But they had to work and pay taxes. There was no such thing as a minimum wage or even a pension.

This is a general overview.  It highlights the liberal lack of historic knowledge when they claim the United States accepted everybody.  In addition, there were deportations.

It was Democrat President Lyndon Johnson who opened up the flood gates of immigration when he did away with the quotas that limited the number of people entering the United States. Different countries had different quotas. Like today, he was looking for appreciative immigrants who would vote for the Democratic Party.

Illegal immigration has been a problem for decades but it became more of a problem over time. Unfortunately, a number of Presidents spoke about stopping it but never did anything to prevent it.

As mentioned in a previous blog, cut and paste this in your URL and listen to the words of former President Bill Clinton:

https://www.c-spanorg/video/? c4351026/c

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On Welfare, No Citizenship

This information comes from an Associate Press release. Switzerland has passed a law that keeps alien immigrants from becoming citizens if they have been on welfare for three years UNLESS they pay back the welfare money. Previously alien immigrants could apply for citizenship if they were NOT on welfare when they filed their application.

What the Swiss found is that many of these aliens entered the nation without any identification.   Many asked for political asylum; however, the lack of identification made it impossible to investigate if their claims were legitimate.

Compounding the problem, they are a financial burden on the Swiss.  They demand the welfare benefits despite the fact they never contributed to the finances of the nation. This has drain Switzerland’s finances and the average Swiss citizen is furious that they are paying more and more to support them.

So bad is the situation the city of Zurich voted last year to cut benefits for asylum seekers. They had reached a tipping point where they felt compelled to take action.

The financial tipping point is taking place in other nations like Germany, Italy, Sweden, etc. who originally welcomed the alien immigrants. For example, one German city asked the immigrants to help the city by working on public projects for six hours per week. They refused despite being granted welfare benefits.  A spokesman for the immigrants announced they would not work because they were “guest of Merkel”.

This same situation exists within the United States.  For example, according to a the Sacramento Bee newspaper at least 48% of welfare beneficiaries are illegal aliens. California and other sanctuary areas are facing a money drain also.  The politicians don’t care if it means picking the pockets of the workers in the state as long as the Democrats can remain in control of their sinking finances. Debt and more debt is forcing many of those taxpayers to flee the liberal states. There are financial consequences for this liberal states that Switzerland recognized early.


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Former President Bill Clinton and Democrats Wanted a Border Wall and Deportations in 1990s

People have short memories. Back in 1995 President Bill Clinton and the Democrats were all for a border wall and deportation of illegal immigrants. Now they are looking for votes to keep them in power.  Don’t believe it?  Check this out!

https://www.c-spanorg/video/? c4351026/c

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Taxpayers Flee Democrat Controlled States

There have been a number of news stories about wealthy residents fleeing high tax Democrat Party controlled states. Many liberals say good, let them go; however, this means a massive loss of state revenue if wealth people migrant elsewhere. The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported “Democratic state lawmakers are worried because California relies so heavily on the income taxes it collects from high earners to fund government services. The state’s wealthiest 1 percent, for instance, pay 48 percent of its income tax, and the departure of just a few families could lead to a noticeable hit to state general fund revenue.”

The reason for this supposed migration is that the new federal tax law limits the deductions that have been used in the past to cut their federal taxes like their mortgage interest along with state and local taxes. As stated in a previous blog, high state and local taxes are coming under scrutiny. Liberal California, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. have high taxes.

Next 10, a company hired to investigate why people were leaving California, reported in 2016 that more people were leaving the state to live in other states than people who were moving into California. It is not just the wealthy fleeing the state. There is an exodus of middle class people, many of them retirees, who are seeking refuge in low tax states. Basically, lower state taxes allow retirees to spend more money on medicine and housing making for a more comfortable retirement.

A few years ago I traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit a relative. There is an area called CARY in the Raleigh/Durham metropolitan area. I was told the locals nicknamed CARY the “Concentrated Area of Relocated Yankees”.  To my surprise, the description was an accurate one. Most of the people I met in the CARY community were either from New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania. The residents typically cited the reason they moved to the area was low taxes, more housing for the buck and lower cost for goods and services. These were not the wealthy but middle class retirees.

My college classmate who lived in Illinois told me people were moving out of his neighborhood and moving to southern low tax states like Texas and Tennessee to escape on the onerous high state and local taxes. The Chicago Tribune reported on this mass migration. The state’s population has diminished so much that Illinois state population ranking has shrunk from fifth to sixth place.

Connecticut and New Jersey are two other Democratic controlled states seeing a population decline of wealthy people and retirees. My relative in North Carolina pays a third of what I pay in local taxes and about a quarter of what I pay in state taxes. Will I move to a lower tax state? Probably!  My wife and I have been seriously discussing migrating south.

So what does this all mean in the long term? There will be a population shift. Lower tax states will receive more revenue because more people will become residents. Higher tax liberal states will continue to accumulate debt as tax revenue declines. This will probably impact pensions because many Democrat states have dipped into pension funds to use for other purposes creating a deficit.

Over the next decade experts predict certain states like California, Illinois, etc. will lose representation in the House of Representatives. Southern Republican states will gain seats in the House. The population losses and gains will impact the Electoral College votes for Presidential elections. The law states that electoral votes are determined by the number of Senators per state which is two plus the number of House of Representative members (this varies from state to state and is based on population).

There is also a business shift. Again many southern states with low taxes are the beneficiary. Andrew Carnegie was once asked what was the secret to the success of his successful businesses? His reply was, “Cut expenses!”  This is what businesses do today. What people don’t understand is that there is an ebb and flow, lean and fat years in business. So as my business wife would say, “You need to always have money in the pipeline.”

The problem of the Democrats is that they keep spending and taxing with increased debt. California got a 5 billion dollar bail out years ago from the federal government yet never changed its spending and taxing. The next decade may see not only California but other liberal Democrat states doing the same thing. Only the future will show if this happens and if taxpayers from other better managed states may have to foot the bill. Only time will tell!

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