Making Trump Great

Liberals don’t have a sense of history.  Vicious attacks on presidents elevate their accomplishments if they achieve things that are good for the nation. One person who was scorned and hated was Abraham Lincoln.  He was the first Trump like figure in history.

Throughout his two terms in office Lincoln faced constant attacks on his character and policies. To the Civil War Copperhead Democrats he was not worth their respect and thus to be vilified in all things. He was hated because his election propelled him into office as the leader of the anti-slavery party. The Republican Party’s core platform was to stop the expansion of slavery. They tried to get their first presidential candidate elected in 1856 with John Fremont running for the office. He lost.  Abraham was their second candidate in 1860. He won.

His winning the presidency set off a  frenzy primarily in the south. There was an unsuccessful plot to assassinate him by Democrat supporters  in Baltimore that failed. He was able to travel through the city on his way to Washington, D.C.   Southern states beginning with South Carolina started to succeed from the union.

Democrats at the time had control of Congress and the Supreme Court.  In his first inaugural address Lincoln made it clear he would not touch slavery where it already existed.  He did infer that he would stop the spread of slavery into the western territories. His olive branch failed. Southern states formed the Confederacy.

The slander, mudslinging, denunciation, maligning, denigration and character assassination by  Democrats knew no bounds. Democrats, similar to the attacks of Democrats today with Trump, were unrelenting with their venom. Their attacks elevated Lincoln in the pantheon of history. Lincoln switched from stopping the expansion of slavery and with the help of the so-called Radical Republicans abolished slavery through the 13th Amendment.

Over the decades the Democrats haven’t changed very much nor learned from history.   The Democrats and liberals recognize that Trump is a man of his word. He truly wants to make America great again. In his first year, he moved to eradicate the lame brain business destroying regulations that were devastating American business. He is eradicating many of their far left policies. He is dismantling Obama Care which is a mill stone around the necks of Americans.  This isn’t bad but good for the nation. Yet liberals attack him for helping the nation with jobs and growth. Why? What problem do they have with prosperity?

Just like Lincoln put the union first, Trump is putting America first.  Just like southern Democrats went to the extreme by succeeding from the union and Constitution, Democrats today support defying their Constitutional obligation of obeying federal law with sanctuary cities and states.

Trump is making fools of the Democrats and their far left politics. They are scared of him and his success. He is triumphing where they failed. His policies are moving the economy so criticism falls flat so they turn to character assassination.  Even Bernie Sanders admitted this week that Democrats don’t really have a business plan. This is why the weak minded attack him so vehemently.

It is not only a losing cause but their vicious attacks elevate Trump’s accomplishments to a higher level. He has more positive records than any president in history just in his first year in office.

History judges greater those who have success despite adversity. Democrats and liberals are so negative and so committed to non-cooperation that their character assassination will boomarang. They are making Trump one of the greatest Presidents in history; moreover, they are too stupid to realize that it only empowers him.  His elevation in the pantheon of history continues to rise and will continue to rise ever higher due to their attacks.

Like the Democrats during the Civil War, history will not consider them heroes but villains. Those liberal Republicans who deserted him will find themselves in the dust bin of history. They are repeating history.


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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