What the Liberal Media Is Hiding

There has been paramount economic news. All of the news indicates the monumental success of Trump’s tax cuts. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank projected that in the first quarter (Jan – Mar) the economy will grow by 5.4%. This forecast was changed from their first forecast of 4.6%.

The Feds review of all indicators caused them to announce that “the economy is solid”. This is significant when combined with the low unemployment rate, the pledge of over three million new jobs, the record breaking uptick in the Stock Market, bonuses and pay raises, surge in manufacturing, etc.

The FED also reported a surplus of money for the government in January, 2018. This was the first month of Trump’s tax cuts. The surplus was due to the government collecting more taxes than the money they spent. According to the FED, the government has a surplus over 49 billion dollars. By comparison, the Obama Administration had a deficit in the first month when they spent more than they collected.

In the last quarter of 2017, manufacturing rose for the fourth straight month. The FED predicted this is just the beginning. They expect further increases because of consumer spending, increased business investments, more merchandise being shipped overseas, expansion of businesses and greater consumer confidence.

A prime indicator is small business. Small businesses account for as much as 70% of jobs and growth. Since Trump cut taxes, his 2 for 1 deregulation order and his slashing many of the ObamaCare mandates, small businesses are hiring and expanding at a faster rate.

“In my time we had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Today we have no hope and little cash.” These words came from a shirt worn by a man who came into a bagel shop where I was eating breakfast several years ago. The first sentence was on the front of his shirt and the second sentence was on the back of his shirt. It got my attention. I walked over and asked him about his shirt message. He told me he was a small business owner but his business was suffering.  He indicated he may have to close his business because of his expenses which he attributed to the plethora of regulations and the huge burden of ObamaCare. The latter was so bad that he had to add payments to lawyers and accountants to his business sheet. This forced him to keep his hiring down and within a limit he could afford. ObamaCare was especially sucking money out of his business.

Despite the obvious success of Trump and the Republicans, the liberal media refuses to report on his successes. They rather stick to their left wing ideology which did not work under Obama. By not reporting on his success, they are undermining their credibility. They rather sling scandalous remarks and create false narratives about Trump. This probably is partly responsible for their declining subscriptions and lack of viewers.

The more abuse they heap on him, the more they prove they are afraid of his achievements. Trump is destroying the wrong headed Obama legacy by doing what his administration failed to do in eight years. Obama doubled the nation’s debt and there was no outcry from the liberals. The first Trump budget adds to the debt but not like the reckless spending of Obama and his minions. Yet the liberal media found its voice in complaining about the recent budget but ignored the massive debt and failures of Obama. They were guilt as accessories in his massive failures by not being transparent. They play politics through negative spin and Trump’s achievements are making them look like the boy who cried wolf too many times.

Their hypocrisy is catching up to them and turning people off.  Only the diehard left wing useful idiots who ignore reality continue to subscribe to their programs. Reality will win and they will lose. Why are they against prosperity?


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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