On Welfare, No Citizenship

This information comes from an Associate Press release. Switzerland has passed a law that keeps alien immigrants from becoming citizens if they have been on welfare for three years UNLESS they pay back the welfare money. Previously alien immigrants could apply for citizenship if they were NOT on welfare when they filed their application.

What the Swiss found is that many of these aliens entered the nation without any identification.   Many asked for political asylum; however, the lack of identification made it impossible to investigate if their claims were legitimate.

Compounding the problem, they are a financial burden on the Swiss.  They demand the welfare benefits despite the fact they never contributed to the finances of the nation. This has drain Switzerland’s finances and the average Swiss citizen is furious that they are paying more and more to support them.

So bad is the situation the city of Zurich voted last year to cut benefits for asylum seekers. They had reached a tipping point where they felt compelled to take action.

The financial tipping point is taking place in other nations like Germany, Italy, Sweden, etc. who originally welcomed the alien immigrants. For example, one German city asked the immigrants to help the city by working on public projects for six hours per week. They refused despite being granted welfare benefits.  A spokesman for the immigrants announced they would not work because they were “guest of Merkel”.

This same situation exists within the United States.  For example, according to a the Sacramento Bee newspaper at least 48% of welfare beneficiaries are illegal aliens. California and other sanctuary areas are facing a money drain also.  The politicians don’t care if it means picking the pockets of the workers in the state as long as the Democrats can remain in control of their sinking finances. Debt and more debt is forcing many of those taxpayers to flee the liberal states. There are financial consequences for this liberal states that Switzerland recognized early.



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