Immigrant Myths

Liberals believe that everybody who immigrated to the United States in the past was accepted without exception.  FALSE! Millions were refused entry into the country for a varied of reasons. Officials and doctors examined immigrants entering the nation to decide if they would allow them  the nation.

A disease that was highly contagious back then was tuberculosis. In history books it might list the disease as consumption. People who had the disease were assigned to sanatoriums to prevent the spread of the disease. If an immigrant had tuberculosis, they would be quarantined immediately. Many of those afflicted were refused entrance into the US and they faced being returned to their country of origin. There was no known cure for it. This safety measure was to prevent epidemics from spreading among Americans.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century the most infamous terrorist group was the anarchist. Their symbol was a round black bomb with a burning fuse because many of their attacks were carried out by bombing. (Bombing sound familiar) In Europe, emperors, government officials and others were killed by these terrorists. They were active within the United States also. For instance, somebody threw a bomb at the police at a labor rally in the Haymarket Square in Chicago. The bombing was blamed on anarchist leading to massive arrests.

In 1920 there was a premature explosion on Wall Street. The person transporting the bomb hid it in a horse cart. He was killed, pieces of his wagon was scattered for hundreds of feet and his horse was killed. One of the people almost killed was a young man by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who just walked into his house. He was shielded by the stone facing of his house.  Many other innocent people were killed.

There were also bombs sent in the mail to various people including the Attorney General of the United States. In his case his maid opened the package containing the bomb and was severely injured. The Attorney General ordered the roundup of Socialist, Anarchists and other radicals.

It should be noted that by this time the Communist Revolution in Russia had succeeded. The Communists were calling for world revolution to overthrow capitalist nations. Because of labor unrest, the Marxist/Communist felt the United States was ripe for an overthrowing the government.

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman were two of the most outspoken radicals in the United States. Berkman had previously served a prison term for attempted murder of industrialist Henry Clay Frick but was out of jail by this time advocating the overthrowing of the US Government at the time of the bombing.

They and the other radicals were deported principally to Communist Russia.  A departing Emma Goldman declared, “I’m going to paradise”. What she thought was paradise turned out to be hell.  She was caught trying to sneak back into the United States a few years later.

So contrary to what liberals and Democrats claim today, officials at Ellis Island and other immigration centers worked to filter out radicals, criminals and those who carried certain diseases. The immigrant centers served as gatekeepers to keep undesirable aliens out of the nation. Sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they did not.

In addition, immigrants had to have a sponsor who would vouch for them and be responsible for the immigrant financially. It was expected that the immigrant would obtain a job, pay taxes and support him/herself once they became a resident. They were NOT to be a burden on society by not working and being on the dole taking welfare.

In those days unskilled labor was the thing. Men were needed to dig ditches, mine coal, work in iron foundries and do other manual tasks. Women worked as maids, factory workers, etc. to help the men. But they had to work and pay taxes. There was no such thing as a minimum wage or even a pension.

This is a general overview.  It highlights the liberal lack of historic knowledge when they claim the United States accepted everybody.  In addition, there were deportations.

It was Democrat President Lyndon Johnson who opened up the flood gates of immigration when he did away with the quotas that limited the number of people entering the United States. Different countries had different quotas. Like today, he was looking for appreciative immigrants who would vote for the Democratic Party.

Illegal immigration has been a problem for decades but it became more of a problem over time. Unfortunately, a number of Presidents spoke about stopping it but never did anything to prevent it.

As mentioned in a previous blog, cut and paste this in your URL and listen to the words of former President Bill Clinton:

https://www.c-spanorg/video/? c4351026/c


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