Liberals and Democrats Love High Taxes and Debt

In my previous blog, I mentioned how the passage of Trump’s tax reform will shine a light on the high taxes in Democratic controlled states like California, Illinois, New Jersey, etc. I’m going to use Illinois as my primary example to show how poorly the Democrats run a state through their spending and taxing policies and why they are poor managers of an economy. What is done at the state level was also done at the national level through the Obama Administration.  Remember during Obama’s entire presidency the Democrats defended Obama’s spending, taxing and doubling the national debt.

These are facts not opinions. They are NOT reported in the liberal media for obvious reasons. My source is an article by Tyler Durden who reports for Zero Hedge.  His article is not the only source. Some of my information comes from the liberal Chicago Tribune and the US Census Bureau.

Illinois is losing residents at the rate of one every 4.3 minutes. My college roommate who was a corporate accountant is one of these people. He was a wage earner whose taxes were high and expenses mounting every year. His neighbors were liberal and praised the Democrats.  They stated that everything the Democrats did was good in their opinion. They continued to vote them in year after year. He said the Democrats made the same promises every year but once they were in office no promise was kept. Yet a steady stream of his neighbors moved out of Illinois because of the expense of living there. He asked workers from the various moving van companies where they were moving his liberal neighbors.  They said to Texas and Florida where taxes were lower. These are two Republican run states. This migration has been confirmed by the US Census Bureau.

According to a Chicago Tribune story about this exodus in 2016, the mass migration is due to high taxes, crime, unemployment rate high housing costs and loss of manufacturing jobs. The Tribune reported that the state’s economic growth is sluggish. This resulted in the loss of manufacturing jobs and a high unemployment rate. Former residents are seeking better business opportunities and jobs in Republican southern states.

In addition, here are some of the other reasons why Illinois has been losing their wage earning liberal base:

  • The Illinois Pension Fund unfunded liability has reached a record high of $130 billion. If the state continues with this unfunded liability hard working retirees face either the lost of their pension or a major cut in their pension.
  • Chicago, sanctuary city, has become the murder capital of the United States. It is a sanctuary for the illegal aliens like the M13 gangs. One person is killed every 2.4 hours. The crime rate is so bad that even long-term African American residents are moving out. They are being replaced by Hispanics who now comprise a third of the city’s residents according to the Chicago Tribune.
  • Illinois has such a monstrous debt that they have a backlog of unpaid payments to vendors. This means they owe money to people who sold the state items but the vendors have not been paid. They owe over $16 billion dollars to these vendors.

Many of Illinois problems can be found in other liberal Democratic states like, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. But there are other problems as well. The independent media has been reporting that California, Oregon and Washington have a massive homeless problem. Tent cities are springing up all over those states.

The homeless situation has created health problems. The streets have become the toilets for the homeless. In California San Diego has a hepatitis A epidemic which is spreading to other areas.

In Oregon, Columbia Sportsware in Portland is contemplating moving out of the state because the homeless are camping around their buildings and threatening their employees.

Most liberal Democratic states have massive debts.  For instance, Connecticut is so deep in debt that Aetna Insurance Company is considering moving out of the state.

In addition, California is debt ridden but will have more debt because of the monumental devastating Thomas forest fire.  Their sinkhole of debt increases every year. This fire will add to it as many of the homeless rich migrate to other states.  Crime is spiking to new highs as a result of the sanctuary cities. People may not remember but California was bailed out by the United States decades ago because of their spending and taxing.  But they never learned the lesson of their economic and financial failures.

Democrats and liberals never learn from history. They repeat the financial mistakes of the past decade after decade. Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to spend his way out of the Great Depression. It didn’t work. It only created a massive debt.

Will they ever learn?






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