Democrat and Liberal Missed Opportunity

Now that tax reform is a reality liberals and Democrats are in panic mode. They have nothing good to say about the tax bill being passed.  It is all doom and gloom. Why?

They supported illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, transgender bathrooms, Trump not my President, rising debt, etc. For eight years under Obama they spend money at a record pace and never considered tax reform. During his eight years in office, Obama doubled the debt of the United States and there were no complaints from the Democrats.   There was not even a whimper.

The one trillion that is projected with this tax bill is suddenly the worst tax bill ever in the history of the United States according to the Democrats and liberal media. They conveniently never mention the over eight trillion debt imposed on the United States by them and Obama. The debt they created is far worse than Trump’s tax bill. Eight trillion versus one trillion demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the left.

Liberal Democratic states like Illinois, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. are facing multiple problems.  They have rising debts, massive spending, huge taxes, spiking crime rates, homelessness, etc. For example, Illinois is so deep in debt they pay lottery winners with IOU’s. Thousands of working people are migrating to low Republican tax states. Criminals are heading for the sanctuary cities like Chicago to avoid deportations, pensions are facing downgrades, etc. Illegal immigrants are flocking to these states to get their welfare benefits which means increased debt. They are falling into a financial abyss.

History demonstrates that tax cuts act as a stimulus to the United States economy. As Democratic President John Kennedy said about his own tax cut proposal, “All boats float up!”. His plan which was put into effect after his death showed the veracity of his statement. The economy boomed. Yet Democrats and liberals ignore what happened with one of their own.

Here is another example. If cutting taxes is so bad for corporations, why is Governor Cuomo and the New York Democrats offering low taxes to any and all corporations as an incentive to move to New York State?

The problem faced by the liberal Democrats is that the high state and local taxes are now in the spotlight. This will become an issue for the 2018 elections.

The Republicans in the 2018 elections can say we want you the average taxpayer to have more of the money you earned.  You know how to spend it in your best interest.  What are Democrats having for their policies? Transgender bathrooms? Gun control? Helping illegal aliens to continue to break the law?

Tax reform results in prosperity. Contrary to what liberals and Democrats say history is on the side of the Republicans. Trump already has two economic quarters with over 3% growth in his first year in office. Obama NEVER had 3% growth during eight years in office. Obama’s shovel ready job initiative failed. Trump already has 2 million jobs pledged by corporations in his first year in office.

Every day liberal complaints become more strident. Those complaining voices are an indication of their failure to initiate any reform of their own.  They had eight years to introduce tax cuts but failed to do so. Now they are in a weak position for the 2018 elections.  Not a single Democrat voted for the tax reform. They must now answer to their constituents. They put party politics above helping their constituents with tax relief.

Contrary to the pattern for off year elections, I predict the Democrats will lose seats in Congress. Tax reform is a powerful political weapon. The Democrats dropped tax reform decades ago and made “social justice” their main platform.  Anybody who votes for Democrats is voting for more spending and higher taxes. Remember the liberal Democratic states are facing migrations of their citizens to low tax Republican states. This trend will translate into the 2018 election with Republicans picking up additional seats in Congress. The Democrats are in a weak position which is why they are so negative.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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