Why Liberals Hate Trump

For the 63rd time the Dow Jones average reached a new high. This week it went over 24,000 points. The dramatic bullish market started when Trump was elected to the Presidency and before he took his oath of office.

Obama was president for 8 years.  Yet his presidency never achieved a 3% growth in Gross Domestic Policy (GDP). Donald Trump achieved a 3.2% growth in the second quarter and a 3.3% growth in the third quarter this year. A 3% growth is an indication of a good growing economy.  Trump achieved it in less than a year in office. On average, the Obama Administration achieved only a poor 1.5% GDP over 8 years.

Now liberals and Democrats claim that the economy was due to Obama’s policies. But the facts show this to be a lie.  There has been a splurge of economic and financial gains since Trump was elected. He has pressed the “swamp” dwellers to pass a number of reforms.  When he could act alone on his promises he boldly took action.

Here are some of the things Trump has achieved in less than one year:

  • Historic highs in the Stock Market which has jumped over 24,000 points which is good for the economy. It has spurred company spending and hiring. Those people with 401K retirement benefits and those who have their pensions invested in the Stock Market are the beneficiaries along with the investors.
  • Trump already had two quarters over 3.0 which Obama never, never achieved. The third quarter may have exceeded 4.0 GDP if it were not for the two hurricanes that devastated the South.
  • He erased many of Obama’s job killing regulations. For every new regulation, 16 job killing Obama regulations have been scrapped. This especially helped small businesses.
  • Unemployment sunk to a new low of 4.1%. The forecast now is that by the end of 2018 it should drop to 3.5%. This nation has not seen an unemployment rate that low in decades.
  • Well over a million jobs have been pledged by companies moving to the United States. The most recent one is a tech company moving from Singapore to the United States. What makes this huge is that Singapore is a major low tax thriving business nation. It is a multi-billion dollar corporation moving.
  • Trump negotiated a deal with China on his recent foreign trip to that nation. China will invest $250 billion dollars with $84 billion invested in energy projects in West Virginia.
  • Many American companies have remained in the United States because Trump improved the business climate for them. For example, Corning Corporation announced it will invest $500 million for production in the United States.  They will hire at least 1,000 plus people.   Remember Obama admitted his initiative for “shovel ready jobs” failed.
  • The United States is advancing towards becoming an energy independent nation. Trump took the shackles off the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. They estimate it will create 42,000 jobs. By opening up our energy resources, the United States will become an energy exporter.
  • Trump removed us from the ridiculous Paris accords and Obama’s “Clean Power Plan”. Germany tried and failed with a clean power agenda decades ago. Most recently the Governor of New Hampshire killed a similar plan.  He stated it would create monumental energy bills for the average consumer. This is the same reason Germany threw their plan away.
  • Trump made good on his promise to clean up the Veterans Administration. He signed into law that the incompetent and undesirables can easily be fired. So far more than 500 people have been fired. About 200 suspended and 33 demoted. At the same time he has promoted greater medical options for veterans including going to private doctors of their choice.
  • Trump has aided combat veteran by removing the restrictive “rules of engagement” imposed by Obama. Many veterans complained that it would take hours, days, weeks and even months to take down an enemy combatant. Often high value terrorists escaped because of these restrict rules. Rather than the White House calling the shots, Trump has passed the authority to the military. This is partly why ISIS has suffered and declined in Iraq and Syria. The military can immediately act once a target has been identified and verified.
  • Just this month, a coalition of Arab nations has pledged to fight Islamic terrorists around the world. Trump had said on the campaign trail that these nations had to step up to fight global terrorism and now they are doing it.
  • Economic experts agree that if Trump’s tax plan is passed it will supercharge our economy. Corporations will use their savings to expand and create more jobs. Middle class Americans will have more money to spend. This will help small businesses which have suffered during the Obama years and create a business boom.
  • The Senate tax reform plan eliminates the Obamacare individual mandate freeing people from the penalty while making $318 billion available for deeper tax cuts.
  • Consumer confidence has skyrocketed. This demonstrates people are looking forward to relief from their tax burden.
  • Trump has declared war on drugs and criminals. Since being elected, the mere fact that he is our president who works to keep his promises, there has been a huge drop in illegal alien border crossings. They are down 41 % since he was inaugurated. ICE has arrested 97, 482 illegal aliens. 70 % of those arrested were convicted criminals. At the same time, sanctuary cities defying the federal government are facing massive crime waves, health epidemics, sky rocking homelessness, corporation flights, deep debt, etc. For example, Columbia Sportsware is planning to move out of Portland, Oregon because the homeless have been camping on their doorsteps literally. Employees have been threatened by them creating an unsafe environment for the employees. In another case sanctuary Newark, New Jersey a nurse was stabbed this week in a hospital parking lot. Nurses are now afraid to go to work.

Trump is on a winning path. He is addressing the financial burden inflicted upon the middle class. According to the Department of Labor, the middle class declined by 7% during Obama’s presidency.

Trump is ending business stagnation.  Jobs are being created. Investments in American enterprises are rising. The nation GDP is growing at a good rate.

Watch the boom when Trump’s tax reform is achieved.  Liberals and Democrats will still complain. Their problem is that social justice is not a viable political platform. People want jobs and tax relief.  Trump is working to give them both.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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