Build It and They Will Come

Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis etc. are experiencing epic crime waves. Murder in these cities has reached higher levels than before.   Yet it is the tip of the wave. San Francisco is reporting glass-smashing car burglaries rising.

Any person with common sense would have predicted the rise of crime in these sanctuary cities. Criminals are protected from deportation due to the cities defying federal law involving illegal aliens.  But the safety and well-being of their citizens is not as important as breaking federal law.

Each week brings additional stories of illegal aliens who have been deported multiple times returning to raise mayhem in their chosen sanctuary.  In San Francisco there have been 17, 970 vehicle break-ins since January. It represents a 28% increase.   One man reported his car was burglarized 10 times in the past 30 months.  As a deterrent people are posting “No Valuables Inside” signs on their cars.

Some people just selected to leave their cars unlocked.  Unlocked cars just made it convenient for homeless people to sleep in the cars overnight and use the backseats as toilets. Drug addicts found unlocked cars great for shooting up. The romantics use unlocked cars for sex.

Since California is a sanctuary state, it has been reported that the billion dollar forest fires may have been started by an illegal alien.   This has not been confirmed.

California is sinking into an abyss of debt.  The state is committed to building a high speed rail line from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  The project is already in cost overruns. California now must pay 50% more money to complete the project which many claim is superfluous.  A person can drive a car to Las Vegas in the same time the train can reach the city.

The cost of the rail line could have been used to build 50 water reservoirs which the state badly needs. The Democrats didn’t learn from the recent long drought.    They can find more ways to waste money because they don’t suffer any consequences of their poor decisions. At the same time they are voted into office every 4 years despite their poor records.  Californians don’t seem to care except in Northern California which wants to succeed.

Ultimately, the sanctuaries will go the way of Detroit.  They will become criminal war zones. Those who can are moving out.  It is the unfortunate poor who remain to be victimize over and over


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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