Top 10 Reasons Hillary Wrote Lost Her The Election

These are just the top ten reasons.  There are many, many more in her book.

1.) The Russians: Long the target of wrath from Clinton, her followers and progressives in general, Russian interference tops the list of things that caused her eventual defeat. Whether it was Putin, WikiLeaks or the Trump team secretly dealing with Russia, the country and its leaders are at the top of her blame game list.

2.) Barack Obama: Surprisingly, outgoing President Obama is one of those to blame for Clinton’s loss. Despite the former president’s popularity with progressives, Clinton feels he managed to get in her way. According to the New York Times, Clinton blames Obama for the advice he gave her about dealing with Bernie Sanders, and for setting up a hostile environment with coal miners and the coal industry.

3.) Voter Suppression: Those evil conservatives were at it again, insisting that voters have identification and that individuals only vote a single time each. Clinton felt that voter ID laws somehow discouraged her own base from coming out. Perhaps she spent too much time catering to people who aren’t legally allowed to vote?

4.) Sexism: Clinton states that she lost primarily because of her gender. Sexism is a longstanding theme in “What Happened”, with one of the most repeated lines having something to do with the fact that a female in the White House scares people. Considering this, it’s pretty odd that many Republican superstars over the past decade have been female.

5.) Bernie Sanders: The popular senator from Vermont was a huge problem for Clinton throughout the primaries, and she failed to secure his grassroots, fundamental followers. Sanders’ followers failed to convert to Clinton, particularly after it was revealed that the DNC may have colluded with Clinton during the primary. Clinton also blames Jill Stein, to a lesser degree, stating the candidate pulled away critical votes in key states like Pennsylvania.

6.) James Comey: The former FBI director’s investigation into Clinton over her use of a private email server disrupted her campaign and momentum. According to the New York Times, Clinton felt that Comey’s investigations halted her progress and allowed now President Trump to portray her as “Crooked Hillary”.

7.) The Mainstream Media: Despite huge support from traditional news programs, magazines and papers, Clinton blames publications like the New York Times and broadcasters like CNN for covering her email investigation and scandal. It’s almost as if she thought it was their job to get her elected…

8.) The Electoral College: Despite being in place for a very long time, the Electoral College system of voting was also responsible for Clinton’s loss. She feels that had a different approach to counting and calculating votes been implemented, she would have won.

9.) Fake News: The entire news industry is also to blame for Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election, according to her new book. Fake news, and people that were not clever enough to seek out the real story were also to blame for her loss.

10.) Bad Polling: The polls got it all wrong, leading Democrat voters and Clinton supporters to feel that she had the election all wrapped up, so they stayed home. Clinton also took aim at voter data supplied by the DNC, stating it was poor, inaccurate and “nonexistent”.

While Clinton does mention in her book that she takes responsibility for her loss, the actual text reveals a different story. Dozens of individuals, organizations and even the slow-wittedness and lack of discernment of the American people are blamed for her loss to President Trump, in excruciating detail.

Or was Clinton simply not a strong candidate with a message that resonated with the American people?



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