Comey Fired, About Time

History will not treat Comey well. James Comey will forever go down in history for declaring that Hillary Clinton violated the law through her serious security lapses with State Department e-mails but was not going to be prosecuted because she didn’t “intend” to violate the law. Right there he was acting as the Attorney General rather than the investigator. A multitude of legal experts agree that he exceeded his authority with his statements about Hillary Clinton at that time. His sole function was to enforce our national laws through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She clearly violated security regulations and she knew about them because she enforced them within the State Department. He botched an investigation and made it political.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News commentator, had the best interview about the firing with former District of Columbia attorney Joseph DiGenova. DiGenova worked with the FBI for many years so he is very knowledgeable about how a Director of the FBI should function.

Carlson simply asked him, “How did this happen?” James Comey violated Justice Department regulations according to DiGenova. He elaborated by stating, “James Comey is a danger to the country. He surrounds himself with his own cult of personality.  He believes he is the last righteous man standing.  When he held that news conference on July 5th and accused Hillary Clinton and then exonerated her, he violated every rule and regulation of the Department of Justice.  He should have been fired that day.” So I have to ask Democrats and leftists, why didn’t Obama fire him?

DiGenova elaborated on Comey’s transgressions by saying, “His job is to investigate and give the evidence to the Department of Justice and let them decide. He usurped the function of every prosecutor in the Justice Department.  He should have been fired that day.” So again, why didn’t Obama fire him?

“He violated every known rule of the Department of Justice,” stated DiGenova. Since it was clear that Comey was not following regulations, Obama had justification for firing him.  The question remains, why didn’t he? Weird!

Once the announcement of Comey’s firing came out, Democrats and the left wing media immediately criticized Trump for doing so.  Yet months ago they were calling for Comey’s head and wanted him fired. When asked about this, DiGenova gave a classic response. “If it wasn’t for double standards, the Democrats wouldn’t have standards. They have no principles.” Yes! True! True! True! They are hypocrites.

As usual, the Democrats and the left are more concerned about demeaning Trump and obstructing his draining of the swamp because they are the swamp. They put party politics above the safety, security and welfare of the American people. DiGenova was right on target when he said, “They have no principles.”


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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