Make Love, Not War

Josh Fox, a liberal filmmaker, posted on Facebook that the way to fight terrorism is to win the fight with love not using a massive bomb like the one dropped by our military on the ISIS Afghanistan cave complex.  He accused Trump of being a mass murderer for using MOAB. He believes that if you love your enemies, you can defeat them.

Two other filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are giving him a chance to put his view into practice. They have a fund raising campaign to send him to Afghanistan. The trip includes all flight expenses and two nights in a hotel along with a dozen roses to give to ISIS members to demonstrate how much he loves them. So far they have collected 46% of the necessary funds.

If you want to send Josh Fox to defeat the ISIS terrorists through love, you can donate by going to this site:…/send-josh-fox-to-hug-isis

It is a strategy that is sure to rid the world of terrorists. What an awesome tactic.

Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS

Support ‘Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS’ by donating or sharing today!



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