Socialist Paradise: Why aren’t American Socialist moving to Venezuela?

American Socialists, including many college professors, are critical of capitalism while proclaiming the merits of socialism. So my question to these socialist is, “Why are you not moving out of the US into the socialist paradise of Venezuela?”

Venezuela went through a transition from a democratic capitalist nation under Hugo Chavez to socialism years ago. He appealed to the proletariat or lower classes to support his socialist ideals.  He promised them a better life. His socialist government would produce a leveling of the classes by taking the wealth or the rich and give it to the poor. Sounded good and so the ignorant and poor rallied behind him. As he assumed more and more power, they waited for their lives to improve. After all, he was their Robin Hood.

Chavez’s appeal came through political statements like this: “The only way to save the world is through socialism, but a socialism that exists within a democracy; there’s no dictatorship here.” His words were accepted without question because his socialism promised the people of Venezuela a paradise on earth. He told them, “The left is back, and it’s the only path to get out of the spot to which the right has sunk us. Socialism builds and capitalism destroys.”

Chavez died of cancer a few years ago but before his death he picked his successor to carry on his work of creating a socialist paradise. The man he selected was Nicolas Maduro.

Over a hundred years ago, Lenin declared, “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” History has verified the truth of Lenin’s statement. And Communism always turns into a dictatorship.

This week President Nicolas Maduro tried to turn Venezuela into a leftist dictatorship. President Maduro’s servile Supreme Court dissolved the democratic elected National Assembly. The court announced that hence forth they would make the laws of the nation.

The court’s announcement set off a fire storm among the other Latin American nations. They poured scorn on the court’s decision and obvious attempt to impose a one-man rule. Within days, the pressure was so great the Venezuelan court back off their power grab for Maduro.

Despite the reversal, Maduro still reigns as a dictator. The path to dictatorship started with Chavez when he wiped out many of the opposition newspapers and imprisoned political opponents. Maduro just continued Chavez’s policies. He imprisoned those who opposed his rule without trials, crushed violently any protests and cancelled elections. Anybody who criticized his government faced imprisonment thus stifling free speech.

Behind his brutal rule is his socialist paradise.  It is a disaster. He and Chavez turned an oil rich nation into a poor nation. The national currency the “bolivar” is practically worthless. People must pay for the limited goods available with suitcases of money.  This is a fact. Food is scarce and people are starving because the government controls food production and prices.

There is universal health care but it is a disaster. Under government control, it is bureaucrats who make the decisions about the treatments people receive. Rather than receive timely and good access to medicines and hospital care, the people receive subpar medical treatment if they can get it.  The norm is that people who need major surgery or medical care must wait on an average as much as 9 months to two years for medical help.  Part of the problem according to their doctors is that the medical system is overwhelmed and the government has limited financing for the system. Over 2,000 doctors have left Venezuela producing a doctor shortage.  These doctors have reported that the government handicapped their ability to treat patients by NOT maintaining the diagnostic equipment used in the hospitals. Over 90% of the diagnostic machines are inoperable thus limiting prognosis of illnesses.

Now the ignorant and poor who thought their lives would improve under socialism find themselves worse off today than under the old days of capitalism. Maduro’s government has suppressed violently their protests. Reporters from Latin America have cited long lines of people waiting for hours for food to be distributed by the government. The government wouldn’t even allow its citizens to go to neighboring nations to get food except on certain occasions when the government allows it.  It is that bad.

So back to my original question! If socialism is so good, why aren’t those leftists who praise socialism moving to nations like Venezuela? Why do they remain in this capitalist nation?


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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