Iran Revealed Obama’s Ineptness And Lies

Think back to when tons of money were shipped to Iran under mysterious circumstances. Five Americans were released as soon as the billions arrived in Iran. The Obama Administration originally claimed that it was not ransom money. But the Iranian hostages claimed they were held on a plane until the money plane arrived in Iran. Only after the Iranians checked the money were the Americans released. Coincidence? No way!

It has been a political principal for decades that you do not negotiate with terrorists or terrorism sponsoring nations like Iran. Obama threw that concept out of the window with this deal. He claimed that his administration was just handing over money owed to Iran after it was frozen by our government after the attack on our embassy during the Carter Administration.   At that time American diplomats and embassy personnel were held captive for over a year before they released when Reagan became president.

In addition, the Obama Administration claimed that the money would go to help the people of Iran and not the Iranian government’s use for terrorism related activities.  Well, Trump was right again when he claimed it was a notoriously bad deal and the Iranian government would use the money for its nefarious activities.

According to intelligence sources, the religious clerics who control the government of Iran have increased their military budget. Where did the money come from? They have openly boasted on television that it was the billions given to them by the Obama Administration. YES, Obama gave our enemy Iran money to build up their military and continue to fund terrorism around the world.

But wait, they also boasted that the United States is easily pushed around. Hmmmm, didn’t Trump proclaim that when he ran in the presidential election? Yes, he did.

Did any of the money go to help the Iranian people? A resounding NO even though Obama stated it would be spent to help the Iranian people.

So why wouldn’t our leftist main stream media put out this news? Because it tarnishes the Obama aura that they protect and highlights how naïve and stupid Obama was in negotiating the deal. Rather than weaken the religious dictatorship in Iran, Obama gave it a new life.  He made Iran more dangerous than ever before. Nothing new!

Trump has been consistently right when he states that the world has been laughing at the ineptitude of the United States government under the leadership of Obama. Remember Obama’s statement about his administration, “We lead from behind.” In real world terms it meant “We don’t lead.” That sums up the Obama years!


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