Why are liberals against prosperity?

Think about it!  We have a president who has established new positive records and he is viciously attacked by liberals.  Consumer confidence is up, Wall Street has established new investment records, thousands of new full-time jobs are being created, Japan has pledged to invest billions in the American economy, private business entrepreneurs have pledged to invest in startup companies, Federal Reserve Board has raised the interest rate for the first time in eight years signifying a health economy, corporations have announced the building of new plants in the US, etc.

Despite these positive signs, liberals continue to attack the man who made it all possible. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises unlike most politicians who just want to be elected over and over. Refreshing!

Trump’s cabinet is being filled primarily with business people who know how to make money rather than politicians and academics who just want to spend money. They are people with proven management records for making fortunes and creating jobs. Yet liberals scream and yell about them.  Why?

Do they prefer the spenders who drive up our national debt? Do they prefer people like the Obama Energy Secretary who invest in Solyndria even though it was a failing company? Do they prefer a president who creates more government jobs than private sector jobs? Do they prefer having a President like Obama who set a new economic record for NEVER achieving 3% national growth during his eight years in office? Etc, etc, etc….  You get the picture!

The answer is obvious. Yes! Why?

They are tied to an ideology of failure. I’ll repeat that. THEY ARE TIED TO AN IDEOLOGY OF FAILURE!

Rather than being realistic they are idealistic. They want the world as they envision it rather than the way the world actual is. They think that the federal government is smarter than they are and can make society better through its policies. They think that government can legislate social equality. This is their vision.

It is the vision of the left – the Marxist left. Marx wanted to destroy all classes through violent revolution. He wanted one big happy class – the proletariat. Marx’s dream resulted in the Communist revolution in Russia in 1917. All opposition was suppressed through the “Red Terror”. We see portions of it today in the leftist violent street protests, the violent blocking of conservative speakers on college campuses, and the hateful threatening speeches against Trump and conservatives.

But they ignore the truth. Venezuela is a perfect example of what they desire. It is a Marxist paradise. In the leftist paradise of Venezuela the government controls the economy and makes the decisions. As a result, they have food shortages, rampant inflation, shortage of medicine, doctors fleeing the nation, suppression of all opposition, border control to stop people from fleeing, money that is so worthless people must carry it in suitcases to pay for goods, energy that must be rationed (it is an oil rich nation), etc.

If the Marxist ideal is so great why aren’t people fleeing from Central America to Venezuela to “fulfill their dream” in that nation?

So when you look at what liberals stand for you know why our nation needs to “drain the swamp”. They stand for massive government, high taxes, lack of economic growth, stagnating wages, part-time jobs, unaffordable health care, the decline of the middle class*, welfare, illegal criminals, no border security and suppression of free speech. No wonder Trump wanted to Make America Great Again. Obama did a good job of wrecking it with the support of the leftist liberals.

*According to Department of labor statistics, the American middle class decline by 7% under Obama. That 7% took it below the 50% mark.


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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