Let Them In, Let Them In – They are harmless.

This mantra from our liberals is heard over and over. They seemed to believe that all refugees are innocent and good people.  Many of them are probably that way. But it is also a dangerous belief.

France and Germany believed they were being good when they allowed millions of so-called refugees into their nations. Some of their government officials are still in denial about who they let in as refugees.

I wonder how many liberals, especially women, would hold on to their belief that Muslims are all good and should not be vetted like Trump wants when they read about what has happened in Australia.

Primary school teachers in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading by their young Islamic students. Not only are these threats being made but the Muslim students are bullying other students to read the Koran.

Teachers are so scared they are receiving counseling because of the stress from violent threats. Three teachers have taken a leave of absence and one has quit her job because of death threats to her family.

Yes, you read that correctly, primary school students threatening to behead teachers.

The teacher who quit her job reported these problems to the administration as early as 2014.  In one incident, she was shoved into a corner by a student who canted the Koran as he marched around her.  In another incident, she prevented students from displaying a Syrian flag in class and was subjected to extreme bullying by her Muslim students.

Students were not exempted from the bullying either. She reported a series of bullying incidents to the Department of Education but no action was taken.

Now if this is happening in Australia, why wouldn’t it happen here in the United States?  Or is it happening here and like the Australia education authorities are they ignoring the problem?

Think about it!  Would you want your children to be subjected to bullying and threats from unvetted Muslims?  Would you want the teachers of your children to be threatened also with violence?

Now let me give a personal example from about 15 years ago.  In the school where I worked, we had a Palestinian male student who was abusive towards his female teachers. He had no respect for them because they were beneath him. As a result, he acted out his distain by verbally abusing them.

It came to a head when he threatened a female teacher and scared her tremendously. The school administration tried counseling him to no avail.  Finally, they had his father come in because the administration felt the boy needed to be removed from the school.  The father said he would take care of the problem.

The boy’s father did talk to him.  His behavior only changed in so-far as he watched what he said and was more respectful towards the teachers; however, his teachers reported that they still feared him. He still seethe beneath the surface. It was often expressed in a look he gave them. His teachers were relieved when he graduated.

After his graduation, his frightened teachers wondered what he would be like to work with knowing his distain for women. Can you imagine working with a man from a culture where women are lesser beings and not worthy of a man’s respect? Well, this is what our American society faces because of the liberal attitude.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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