Sweden’s Failed Sanctuary

The liberal leftist press has accused Trump of fabricating stories about the refugee crime wave in Sweden. I mentioned in a previous blog that a friend of mine who is Danish told me last year that there is a cover-up in the Scandinavian countries about this problem.  My friend travels back and forth between that region and the US on business and to see his family. “C” told me that the governments of this region are suppressing news about the severity of the problem. He said if you talk to the people on the street, they contradict the governments’ propaganda that all is well and there is no crime wave.

Sweden has a national crime survey which is printed every year. Since refugees started to flood into Europe, you can see from these crime statistics rise especially violent crimes.

This past month, the police chief of Malmo, Sweden issued a plea for help to stem the rising tide of attempted murders, rapes and beatings. 32 per cent of Malmo is now Muslim refugees. In 2016 there were 52 grenade attacks alone according to the Swedish Police Authority. Grenades!!!

Sweden’s terror threat is elevated.  Swedish authorities have identified at least 300 men who have traveled to Syria for “jihad” training. ISIS has said they would infiltrate Europe with jihad warriors claiming refugee status. Sweden is one of the nation’s facing this threat.

The best testimony comes from a Swedish police officer who faces possible punishment by the government because of this post on Facebook:

His predicament is typical. Swedish police officers are either retiring or quitting because the government refuses to admit there is a crime wave. Police officers are overwhelmed. Already the National Swedish Police Chief is trying to recruit additional police officers to replace the lost officers.  Unfortunately, he is not having much success.

If you think about it, Sweden’s dilemma sounds like our “sanctuary” cities. Nothing but increasing crime waves!

This is why Trump is correct calling for extreme vetting.  It is for the safety and well-being of all Americans.


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