The Tyranny of Leftist Professors

American education has been steadily eroding over decades. Part of the problems is the tyranny of leftist professors who use their classrooms as podiums for their political views.  It is tyranny because they are not tolerant of any opposing viewpoints.  It is acceptance of their political views or you will suffer poor grades if you express dissent.  It is a dictatorship of the classroom.

When Obama first ran for the Presidency, I had students filing into my class all agitated about how a math teacher went on a screaming rampage against a student who did not agree with him on Obama.  The students told me that he screamed and yelled for at least 30 minutes which only left 15 minutes for instruction. I questioned, “A math teacher?”  “Yes!” was their response. “Why was he talking about politics when he teaches math?” I asked. They said a student said something in class about Obama that the math professor didn’t like. “He just exploded!” they said.

Here was a perfect example of what is wrong with American education. The math professor should have been teaching math and not engaging in expressing his personal politics. Too many professors are political activists. They jam their left wing views down the throats of their students in a dictatorial way. They scream that conservatives are Nazis but in truth their actions make them the Hitlers of classrooms.

I never used my classroom as a political forum for my personal views. I was hired to teach history and so taught history.

My graduate education at Villanova University taught me to look at various interpretations of the same events and to analyze the pros and cons expressed by the historians. I, and my classmates, had to analyze these viewpoints and determine who had the most and best evidence to support their viewpoint.  This was done through written exercises.  We then discussed the various interpretations in class.  There were strenuous debates but the professors didn’t shove their personal preferences down our throats. Yes, they expressed their preferences and explained why but never was there any rancor by the professors if you had an opposing viewpoint that you could support. To this day I cannot tell you if my professors were liberal or conservative.

College/university professors often have an inflated perception of themselves as the all-knowing intellectual. They think that because they have a doctorate in a particular subject that they are smarter than others in all things. For example, Noam Chomsky of MIT is a linguistic professor who thinks he knows best when it comes to politics.  Yet this man’s whole life has been academia and he knows nothing about the practical side of politics and economics. But he is a self-appointed expert on these things.

What I found is that Ph D’s narrow a person’s knowledge. Years ago a professor at a local college told an audience how he earned his doctorate in Scottish History 1550 to 1600; however, the college assigned him to teach World History.  He admitted he was one page ahead in reading the text because he knew nothing about World History. His whole education was built around a tiny slice of Scottish History. All Ph Ds have that thin margin of knowledge.

My point is that many of these Nazis professors have Ph D’s in subjects that have nothing to do with politics or economics.  Yet they have an inflated opinion about their own perverse political views.  Because their political knowledge is limited to their nirvana concepts of what they want the world to be like, they become dictators because they cannot adequately defend their views. Opposing viewpoints are a threat which is why only their viewpoint is acceptable. Their inability to engage in free and open discussions is a defensive mechanism.  They are on soft ground and know it so you must accept their viewpoint or suffer the consequences of a poor grade.

More than anything else, what gives an instructor/professor the right to take valuable classroom time to express his/her political views when he/she should be teaching the subject they were hired to teach.   They are not earning their salary.  After all, a good professor will encourage diverse viewpoints and critical thinking.

No wonder students come out of our colleges and universities unprepared for the world of work. The reality world!


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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