Argentina Passed Their Own Immigration Ban

Argentina has just passed a new law designed to protect its citizens from a crime wave. The law bans people with criminal records from entering the nation and from staying in the nation. They specify that the ban applies to any crime which according to Argentine laws deserves jail time.  Crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, corruption, illicit activity investing, etc. are examples of these crimesimmigrants.

According to government records, 21.35 of their prison population are immigrants. In addition, 33% of those convicted of drug offenses are foreigners. But foreigners constitute only 4.5% of the nation.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri elaborated on another facet of the law, “Faced with the recent notorious acts of organized crime, the government has had enormous difficulties in enacting deportation orders against foreign nationals as a result of the complex, repetitive procedures that in some cases can take seven years to process.” So the new law fast-tracks the deportation of foreign immigrant criminals. (Isn’t this what Trump wants to do?)

About ¾ of the immigrants who migrate to Argentina are from Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru according to Argentina’s Interior Ministry. Citizens of those nations don’t have to have a tourist visa to enter and can stay up to 90 days. They are not exempted from the law.

Argentina’s enactment of a Trump style is designed to make the nation safer. Yet liberals in that nation oppose it. The crime wave hitting Argentina is similar to the crime waves in Europe and the United States. President Macri demonstrated that he will not tolerate Argentine citizens becoming the victims of crime generated by foreigners anymore.

Argentina in the past has often been the haven for criminals fleeing criminal prosecution because of the laborious process of deportation. Now the “sanctuary” status has disappeared.

Unfortunately, the US is heading down the same criminal road that characterized Argentina in the past. The source is our self-proclaimed “sanctuary” cities and states. Their failure to enforce federal law and cooperate with federal deportations will attract criminals to these safe havens.  They will experience crime waves precisely because of their policies.  Common sense tells you that will be the case because common sense does not prevail. They don’t project ahead to look at the consequences of their decision.

Ask yourself these questions: Would you want criminals in your neighborhood? Would you want your children traveling through a neighborhood with criminal residents? Would you feel safe? Is it worth welcoming criminals into your city and neighborhood? If you answer “Yes” then remember “You reap what you sow!”.


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