The Liberal Moslem Ban Myth

Repeatedly the leftist main stream media and the Democratic Party have shown they are hypocrites whose goals don’t include the safety and well-being of Americans. Following the myths they spread are the liberals who are like lemmings following their leader off a cliff. Liberals react emotionally to issues without knowing the true implications behind issues or their consequences.  The recent Trump executive decree on seven Moslem nations is a great example.  Here are the facts:

  • The words Moslem and Islam are NOT used in the executive decision. So how could there be a ban on Moslem immigrants?
  • Moslems from other nations are not impacted by this executive decision. So the “ban on Moslems” is another liberal fake story. Moslems can still enter the US from Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. which is what liberals, the main stream media and the Democrats are ignoring.
  • Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen are the nations targeted in the decision. These same seven nations were already targets for travel restrictions under the Obama Administration. It was Obama’s Department of Homeland Security which initiated the travel restrictions from those seven nations. The reason for targeting these nations according to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is that they were classified as “failed states or enemies of the United States”. So the Obama Administration had already imposed travel restrictions.
  • The executive order shuts down for 90 days (only a temporary ban) on all new immigrant and non-immigrant visas from those nations. The reason behind the order is to prevent ISIS and other terrorist from entering the US like they did in 2011. Remember ISIS declared they were going to send their agents into Europe and the US as refugees.
  • These seven nations do not have databases/information that the US government deems necessary to screen visa applicants to determine if applicants pose a danger to the US. Simply said, there is no vetting of applicants.
  • Trump’s order requires for the safety and security of the US that these seven nations must supply vital information about visa applicants so US authorities can ensure that applicants are properly vetted. Any nation failing to submit the required information will not be able to send foreign nationals to our nation.
  • The refugee resettlement program is suspended for four months. There is to be an investigation of the program to determine which refugees are truly in danger of religious persecution. Obviously there are people who made false claims about being persecuted. For example, Moslems coming from Moslem dominated nations.
  • The State Department and the Department of Homeland Security can on an individual case-by-case, after vetting, come to the US for important reasons. For example, the Iranian movie director Hollywood is yelling about can probably come to the US.

These are the facts that are being ignored.

Finally, Trump is making the safety of the people of the United States a top priority and not party politics.  The Democrats are making party politics their priority and ignoring that they supported measures like this in the past.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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