Americans are slugheads

In the movie “GoldenEye”, Boris the Russian hacker used the phrase, “Americans are slugheads” when American cyber experts try to catch his hacking.  Boris was right.  Cyber experts around the world have discredited the alleged hacking of the American election. The word hacking gives the impression that votes were changed in voting machines which an official from the Federal Election Commission said couldn’t happen because the machines are NOT connected to the Internet nor are they connected to each other.  A hacker would have to work on each machine by taking the backs off the machines and manipulating the controls.  An impossible task! Yet there are Americans dumb enough to believe it.

Despite this, the Washington Post published the story and made it inflammable by improperly using the word “hack”.   The real story was how the Clinton campaign with the help of the Democratic National Committee used unethical manipulations behind the scenes to guarantee Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential campaign.  The convention was before the election and the Wikileaks story was about what happened at the DNC Convention.  It had nothing to do with the election.

Wikileaks broke the story because John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager did not heed FBI warnings about possible hacking.  He responded to a phishing attempt and gave away his password.  What was the password? It happened to be the one most commonly used password. “Password.” Yes, the password was “password”.

Many cyber security experts agree with Trump that Wikileaks may not have gotten their information from the Russians.  Julian Assange said publicly in an interview that he did not get it from the Russians.

CEO Mark Maunder of WordFence, which is the company responsible for the security of WordPress stated in a blog that his company analyzed the code the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation said was used by Russian Intelligence to break into Podesta’s communications. WordFence declared that it is an outdated code developed by Ukrainians that can be downloaded online. This has been confirmed by other cyber experts.  Maunder raised reasonable doubt when he wrote, “One might reasonably expect Russian intelligence operatives to develop their own tools or at least use current malicious tools from outside sources.”

In addition, Maunder’s company “reviewed IP addresses that the DHS said were behind hacking efforts and found that they ‘belong to over 380 organizations and many of those organizations are well known website hosting providers from where many attacks originate. There is nothing in the IP data that points to Russia specifically.’”

Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr also disputed the assessment of the DHS and FBI. He said, “it’s almost impossible to confirm attribution in cyberspace.” What he was saying was what Boris did in “GoldenEye.” You can bounce your hacking links through several layers to cover your tracks making it nearly impossible to quickly identify who the hacking culprit is.

For example, Harper’s had an article in their December issue which pointed out, “A tool developed by the Chinese to attack Google in 2009 was later reused by the so-called Equation Group against officials of the Afghan government. So the Afghans, had they investigated, might have assumed they were being hacked by the Chinese. Thanks to a leak by Edward Snowden, however, it now appears that the Equation Group was in fact the NSA.” NSA is a reference to the USA’s National Security Agency. So our NSA used a code developed by the Chinese to hack the Afghan Government.

In the same Harper’s article, “Bill Binney, a 30-plus year veteran of the NSA, told Harper’s, ‘Saying it does not make it true. They have to provide proof. . . . So let’s see the evidence.’” So far there has been no proof.

The whole story is a distraction from the collusion of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the main stream media to give Hillary Clinton the presidency.  Furthermore, it is a distraction from the fact that Hillary was sloppy in handling security matters with her many cell phones and unsecure computers as stated by FBI Director Comey. To put it into plain words, it is a cover up and an attempt to explain why Hillary lost the election and why the nation refuted Obama and the Democratic Party’s failed policies.



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