CIA Case About Russian Hacking In Election Is Weak

Already the CIA canard claiming that Russia and Putin intervened in the US election on behalf of Trump is falling apart. The Office of National Security Director has called for a meeting to look at the CIA assessment. A number of our security agencies, including the FBI which is responsible for internal security, don’t agree with the CIA.

The CIA was supposed to have briefed the House Intelligence Committee this week on their assessment.  The committee on November 17th was told that “the intelligence community lacked strong evidence connecting Russia to the WikiLeaks disclosures.” Now the Washington Post news leak is something completely contrary to what they were told.

Even liberal NBC reported: “In fact, the CIA’s latest take is not the unanimous view of the intelligence community. Clapper, who oversees all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, had enough confidence to relay the CIA’s assessment to Congress in a secret briefing last week. But no similar assessment has leaked from any of the other 16 intelligence agencies.” Why isn’t there agreement?

NBC further reported, The CIA’s assessment that the Russians favored Trump was not based on any single piece of new intelligence, officials briefed on the matter told NBC News. Instead, it was the result of more stringent analysis of a growing body of circumstantial evidence more detailed than anything the public has seen.” Again, if there is not based on new intelligence why is this story breaking now before the Electoral College meets? It would have been more explosive if the CIA assessment was leaked in November or better yet in September.

The story gets better. “The CIA also noted that while Russian hackers gathered information on Republicans, they didn’t release any of it, the way they did with Democratic emails leaked to WikiLeaks. The Republican National Committee denies its systems were hacked, but the emails of individual Republicans were collected—something NBC News reported in October.

The FBI believes the Russians didn’t find anything explosive in the Republican material they obtained, the official said, although it’s not clear whether any U.S. agency knows the full extent of what data Russian hackers were able to steal.”

So not all of the agencies are buying into the CIA story according to NBC! Nor is there evidence the Russians favored Trump. In addition, the Russians were supposed to have hacked into the Republican National Committee, which the Republicans said didn’t happen. So who is correct – the CIA or the Republicans?

If the Republicans are correct then the CIA lied to smear Trump. If the CIA is correct, then the Republicans didn’t engage in dirty tricks like the Democrats against Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Remember, the DNC under Wasserman-Schultz deliberately rigged the nomination to favor Hillary Clinton.

As the cliche says, “The devil is in the details.” The CIA will probably emerge from this latest Trump smear looking like idiots or liars.


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