Stein’s Michigan Recount Revealed Voter Fraud

Trump was right. Prior to the cessation of the Michigan vote recount, the Detroit News reported voter fraud in Wayne County.  Wayne County is where Detroit is located and it voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

Jill Stein was hoping that the recount would verify that Trump did not win Michigan. But the recount, according to the Detroit News, showed that Trump won the state by more votes than previously counted. Here is the story.

The Detroit News reported that 610 out of 1,680 precincts had discrepancies with the reconciliation. In those 610 precincts the ballot boxes were sealed and the number of paper ballots for each candidate was reported to the state’s election commission.  Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won Wayne County according to the ballot reports.

When the sealed ballot boxes were opened for the recount and compared with the ballot reports, there were problems with 59% of Detroit’s precincts.  For example, a recount watcher reported that he witnessed a sealed ballot box being opened that was certified to have 306 votes for Hillary according to the ballot report.  In fact, the ballot box only had 50 votes total.  So somebody committed voter fraud by reporting that Hillary had 256 more votes than she actually had.

The recount revealed that Hillary Clinton’s votes were counted MORE than once in the 610 precincts. As a result, the state disqualified the votes for those 610 precincts because of obvious voter fraud. So this means that Trump’s popular vote in Michigan was higher than what was reported.

So when Trump claimed the election was rigged, he was correct. In addition, claimed that over 3 million illegal’s voted in the election.  This was also against the law.  Add to that the over 1,000 dead people who voted for Hillary in Virginia and you have massive voter fraud by the Democrats.   Why is this not surprising?



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