Democrats, Electoral College and the Constitution

There is a petition circulating among liberals with 4.5 million signatures calling for the eradication of the Electoral College.  The petition demonstrates liberal ignorance.

Since the Electoral College was established in Article II of the Constitution, only the procedures outlined in the Constitution can create the change. Here are the procedures as outlined in Article V of the Constitution:

  • Two-third of both houses of Congress can propose a Constitutional Amendment.
  • Two-thirds of the states can call for conventions to propose Amendments
  • Three-fourths of the State legislatures must ratify any proposed Amendments.

The Constitution was the product of many compromises especially between large states and small states.  This is partly why we have the Electoral College. Small states didn’t want to lose power to the large states.   The Electoral College was designed precisely to give small states some leverage in selecting a President.

There is no way the small states will agree to amending the Constitution nor will the larger western states with small populations like Wyoming, Montana, etc. agree to get rid of the Electoral College. Some Democrats are aware of this so they are pushing and even threatening electors to get them to vote for Hillary and not Trump in December. Some electors may change their votes but Trump has over 300 electoral votes so the chance that it will change anything is nil.  Instead, those electors who do change their vote will find they will be vilified in the eyes of the American electorate. History will not treat them kindly.

It also demonstrates that the Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution and will subvert the system for power. It further demonstrates that they don’t know the Constitution because if Trump doesn’t receive 270 electoral votes, then the Constitution requires that the President is picked by the House of Representatives.  And the House of Representatives is overwhelmingly Republican.

Here is a visual representation by Ramierz to show how just certain states would decide elections if there were no Electoral College.


Due to the inequality of populations, why would people in the smaller or less populated states vote if their votes didn’t count?  Now you know why the men who framed the Constitution created the Electoral College.


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