Sanctuary Cities Are Doomed

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” These words of ultra left Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel will be his legacy.  He announced that Chicago will always be a sanctuary city and that it was safe city for illegal aliens.  Well that was an invitation for every criminal to head for Chicago.  As for it being safe, the city is a shooting gallery.  The number of crimes is overwhelming the police force.  They cannot investigate all of the crimes because many police officers are retiring or moving to other police forces outside of Chicago.

All of those places that have announced they will remain sanctuary cities already have high crime rates.  The price for staying sanctuary cities will be even higher crime rates and higher taxes.

A former classmate of mine who lived in the Chicago area told me recently that the city is declining rapidly.  Anybody with money is moving to states with lower tax rates, like Republican governed states.  He said he was more fortunate than many of his neighbors. He at least was able to sell his house for the same price that he purchased his house 20 years ago.  Many of his neighbors sold their homes for a loss or simply allowed their banks to seize their homes for non-payment of mortgages. It is a buyers’ market.

The selling of homes means that many tax payers are moving out which translates into fewer people paying taxes; furthermore, the depressed areas of Chicago are expanding as the tax base dries up and the city will have to raise taxes yet again to make up for the short fall in revenue.

By being a sanctuary city, Chicago can serve as a microcosm of what is and will happen to sanctuary cities in the future.  By announcing they will not cooperate with federal authorities in the apprehension of criminals, they will have an influx of criminals trying to escape the law.  The crime rate in sanctuary cities is already high but it will get higher as criminals flock to them.  The cities will have to increase their police force which doesn’t look likely and raise taxes to pay for more police if they can recruit them.

Well Rahm Emanuel’s famous quote needs to be changed to this, “Our serious crisis will make our city a waste land.”  Making sanctuary cities a haven for criminals and illegal aliens will drive them to bankruptcy.  The mayors of sanctuary cities are dooming their cities by not cooperating with the federal government. They will become the debt ridden shanty cities of the future.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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