A Progressive Anti-Trump View Point With My Rebuttal

The following was sent to me by wordpress.  It was meant as a rebuttal to what I wrote about the violent protesters demonstrating against newly elected Trump by the left wing Socialists.   Read my previous article on “Left Wing Conspiracy” to see what he/she objects to.  The writer I believe is European and a Socialist also.  Okay!

Nothing like a good debate!  My responses are in bold letters to distinguish my writing from his/hers.

A Progressive Call to Arms

Posted on 2016/11/12 by Bijbelvorsers

The United States of America having shaken Europe as well with an unexpected outcome, should waken up all those who have been dormant (This is vague. Who are the dormant people you speaks of?)  or did not speak up yet, (Who did not speak up yet? Our political polls asked people all across the nation how they felt about issues. They have been publicized in the mass media.) to protect those around them who are in the minority, (How are minorities not being protected?  Our laws call for equal justice for all. The problem is that certain segments of our society are in denial about some of the crimes committed in our country. For example, the Black Lives Matter supporters blame the police for the killing of a few black people some of whom had criminal records.  But they ignore the fact that the greatest killers of black people are other black people. In Chicago, the murder rate of black on black is greater than the casualties we suffered in Afghanistan. So why doesn’t the Black Lives Matter supporters focus on the greatest killer of young black men?)   or who are poor, (According to federal government statistics, we have more poor people now than ever before in our history. Ever since Lyndon Johnson started to spend billions on welfare and food stamps through his War on Poverty, poverty has INCREASED not decreased. Under Obama, according to federal government statistics, our nation now has more people than ever before. Obviously throwing money at the problem has increased poverty, not decreased it.) or who are sick (ObamaCare is a total disaster.  Need I remind you that the Democratic Party politicians NEVER included Republicans in the drafting of the law. They refused to work with the Republicans.  So the high premiums and high deductibles which make ObamaCare unaffordable is entirely the blame of the Democrats.) or who have an other colour of skin, (The Progressive writer certainly is not aware of the diversity within the Republic Party. I can supply a list of people of different minorities who are Republicans and Republican supporters.  Also are you aware that Elbert Guillory who is a Louisiana State African-American politician switched from being a Democrat to a Republican two years ago?  When he was asked why he switched, he said, “I was tired of the same old false promises of helping my constituents by the Democrats.  My constituents are worse off today than 50 years ago.  The only thing the Democrats have done is given us a government plantation.”) or who think differently …. (So then why have Trump supporters being physically assaulted for voting for him?  Why have two different Republican Headquarters been fire bombed in North Carolina?  Why have cars with Trump bumper stickers been damaged? If different viewpoints should be honored, it is the Hillary supporters, Democrats and Socialist who don’t welcome different viewpoints as shown by these crimes and the protesters today.)

To remember

It could well be that we can see in states that one comes for those who are not in line, like

First they came for the Socialists, Who came for the Socialist?

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and for the Jews, and then for others until it was the turn to come for you

Martin Friedrich Gustav Emil Niemöller

and than it will be too late to remember the words of the German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, founder of the Confessing Church(Bekennende Kirche) and a president of the World Council of Churches.

(The inference here is the Nazis Party coming for the Socialists, etc. Well the word Nazis is an abbreviation for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.  The translation is National Socialist German Workers Party. Notice the second word is Socialist and the forth word is Workers. If you read about Germany from 1917 to 1920 there were a host of new political parties competing for power in German. Street battles were fought between competing left wing groups and between competing left and right wing groups. In 1919 two Jewish Marxists, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, tried to overthrow the Weimar Government through violent revolution. It was brutally suppressed and Luxemburg and Liebknecht were executed. Because of this event and others, Hitler as a World War I soldier considered Marxists, Communists and Jews to be traitors.  This is what fueled his rage against them.)

After it became known Donald Trump was to be the president-elect, voices of fear where heard not only in Europe, but outside the U.S.A. anxious voices reached the world from inside a nation which so much and so loudly cried out to be the Land of the free.  (We are still the land of the free. Trump has done nothing to violate the freedom of people. He isn’t even in office yet. It is the protestors who are either unwilling or unable to accept Trumps’s selection in a democratic process.  They are the ones who are creating the violence. When Obama won his elections, there were NO demonstration or violence committed against his supporters.)

Not only coloured people expressed their fear. People who were born in a body they did not felt the right body and had gone on the trajectory difficult path to change their looks now felt pushed in a bizarre corner. (Transvestites are protected by our nation’s laws. Millions of Americans don’t like the idea of a man/woman using the same bathrooms as women.  Just ask my wife, daughters and female friends.)

Some felt

“it will become open season on people like me.” (Sorry to hear that because if somebody picks on you then should be prosecuted according to the law,)

Indiana, a state which is anything but safe for people who are different > birthplace of the KKK. (NO, no, no!  You don’t know American history or the history of the KKK. The KKK was organized under former southern General Nathan Bedfort Forrest in Tennessee. Members of the Democratic Party supported the KKK and pressed for laws allowing segregation.  Democrats formed the KKK while Republican presidents like Grant sent troops into the south to combat them.  In addition, Lincoln was a Republican and it was the Republicans who passed the 13rth, 14th and 15th civil rights amendments.  Only the ignorant would associate the KKK with the Republicans. It was also Eisenhower, a Republican President, who used the law to enforce the integration of schools in the 1950s.  He was opposed by the Democrats.  Look up George Wallace and check what party he was a member of.)

In Europe we have seen the vitriol and hate spreading of Donald Trump and how he created division. as such we cna udnerstand people over there now are afraid of violence under a Trump presidency. (What nonsense! You are either a victim of propaganda or ignorant of what is happening in this nation.  We have had a crime wave from illegal immigrants.  Murders, rapes, etc. in such numbers that many Americans voted for Trump to stop the violence and return our nation to law and order. Fueling the crimes are the drugs flowing over our unprotected open southern border.  Are you not aware that our Border Patrol police fully supported Trump?  Are you not aware that police forces throughout the US supported Trump?  Are you not aware that over 200 generals and admirals supported Trump?)

seen the rallies + heard the hate-speech.

Mike Pence as governor passed laws making it legal for businesses to discriminate against members of the LBGT- community +  passed laws discriminating against woman’s right to choose.  (Progressives and Hillary supporters are hypocrites!  On the one hand they say kill fully formed babies but spare murders the death penalty.  They also support sparing animals from being killed for furs but kill babies.)

We worked tirelessly (Who is we?) to get a Pathway to Citizenship referendum passed, but our representatives would hide in their offices and refuse to meet with us. (People who enter the US illegally are by definition criminals for violating our laws. The pathway to citizenship is legal entry into the US.  You can also serve in our military which is a pathway used by many different races and ethnicities in the past to become citizens. I know, my family became citizen through legal means.)

Donald Trump not limited his hate-speech to members of just one community >made hateful comments + threats to members of Hispanic community, Blacks, JewswomenMuslims + differently-abled.

  • bigots of all varieties feel emboldened by his ignorance + subsequent rise to power.
  • school-yard bullies + cowards of all stripes feel that hate = acceptable + rewarded.

(If Trump is so much a bigot why does he have so many minorities working for him even in executive positions? He is correct when he calls for the stringent vetting of Muslims. ISIS has said they will infiltrate the US and carry out attacks.  Look at those murders in France and Belgium by so-called refugees. 

Ellis Island by the way was used for vetting Europeans coming into the nation. Immigrants were checked for their political views and for diseases.  People were sent back to Europe either because they had major diseases or they were radicals like Communists or anarchists.  So Trump is protecting the US and all of its citizens when he insists laws must be obeyed. )

It was Lenin who said, “Communism is the purist form of Socialism.” For those who don’t know who Lenin was, he was the Communist (Bolshevik) leader who overthrew the government of Russia and created the Soviet Union.  I have friends who lived under socialism and communism.  They don’t understand how anybody would want those forms of government. They all have horror stories about their experiences under what they consider to be the worst type of government.  They believe only the intellectually weak and lazy favor socialism/communism.   

If you want a good example of socialism/communist society, read about what is happening in Venezuela today .  See if you would want to live in the Venezuelan socialist paradise.

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