Canada Doesn’t Want US Liberals

Many celebrities have claimed before the election they will move to Canada if Trump was elected President. Now they faced a situation where they must honor their promise or shut up.  Non-celebrities who are anti-Trump have the same choice. Will they do what they said or will they just complain and protest. Anybody who doesn’t want Trump can vote with their feet and leave the United States.  They can declare they need political asylum and see what nations would grant them refugee status. Of course, they would be subject to all of the laws of the nation that accepts them. They may have to learn a foreign language and assimilate into that nation’s culture and society.  So if they don’t want to live under a Trump presidency, now is the time for them to act and migrate.

The problem is that they must pick a country other than Canada.  Canadians are talking about building a wall along their southern border to keep Hillary supporters out of their nation. Here are just a few selections from the Internet of what Canadians are saying:

Patrick Stuart @patstuart08

Only one problem with all these crazy liberals and celebrities wanting to move to Canada now…we don’t want you #suckstosuck

Canada is building a Wall & guess whose paying for it

— LM (@Thelegendmac1) November 9, 2016

Mohamed El Dahshan 


BREAKING : #Canada reportedly building a wall along its southern border to prevent impending mass exodus from the South.#USElection2016

“Even CBC, Canada’s state-owned broadcasting network, is trying to actively discourage a mass migration. As the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website crashed last night, the CBC took to its blog to warn people that emigrating to Canada isn’t as easy as jumping a border.

To avoid deportation back to Trump’s America, they’d have to spend years in Canada’s aggressive filter system and spend thousands of dollars. And then, they’d have to find jobs in Canada’s crowded urban metropolises—unless, of course, they like farming.”

Bill Bennett @KootenayBill

US political refugees welcome to relocate to East Kootenay BC start a biz hire people pay taxes #ElectionNight #bcpoli#USElection2016

But if there’s anyone Canada really doesn’t want, among the number of celebrities who “seriously’ pledged to move north, it’s Girls star Lena Dunham (though, it seems, they’d also prefer not to house either Miley Cyrus or Amy Schumer).

NorthrenCanuck @NorthrenCanuck

@DoxyCarmichael_ @JammerKill @lenadunham @MileyCyrus@WhoopiGoldberg @Rosie @amandacarpenter @benshapiro
Canadians don’t want them!

Dallas Patterson @toycharger

@lenadunham Canadians don’t want you or any other democratic supporter to come live in our country. Our new liberal leader is bad enough.

Dave @Dave_LT

@lenadunham off you go and we Canadians don’t want you.

Dr. Not Nenshi @NotNenshi

Please DO NOT COME TO CANADA.. thanks, Canadians. @WhoopiGoldberg @chelseahandler @lenadunham@NeYoCompound @BryanCranston @MileyCyrus

Captain Ahab @delibean21

#ElectionNight We canadians Need to build a wall FAST…. Lena Dunham is already packing!!!!!!!!

Marty Tennant @sweetmartyt

@PrisonPlanet @MileyCyrus @lenadunham @HollywoodLife if I may speak for all Canadians- we’ll take a pass

mrpopo @theonederbread

@MattConYT @amyschumer @lenadunham Please don’t punish us few sane-minded Canadians.

De from Adanac @32bitphoenix

Lena Dunham wants to move to Canada if Trump wins?! Why is she trying to turn Canadians into HRC supporters? We’re not voting!

So Hillary supporters now is the time to act.  Before Canada can put up a border wall, move to Canada before they close the border.  Or select another country and declare you are a political refugee.


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