The Problem With How Liberals and Democrats Voted

In listening to people about their political views, I found it amazing how many people voted for Hillary dismiss all of her and Bill Clinton scandals.  Democrats and liberals are in denial about how corrupt the Clintons are.

Recently, I was talking to a liberal friend.  My wife asked him, “Are you still going to vote for Hillary?” He said he certainly wasn’t  going to vote for that terrible man.  My wife said, “You mean Trump?” “Yes, yes, he is a terrible man.” was his retort.  “What did he do that was so terrible?” was my wife’s next question.  “He is such a terrible man.” was the reply.  “J_____,” she shot back, “What specifically did he do?” “He said nasty things about those women.”  My wife shot back, “Yes, but at least he wasn’t responsible for anybody getting killed.”  “What do you mean?” he asked.  “Benghazi!” was the single reply from my wife.  Silence!  I piped up and remarked, “She lied about it J_________. She claimed a video was responsible for the attacks and it was untrue.” Then he gave me what I’ve heard from every liberal who doesn’t have a valid response.  “They all lie.” replied J_______. Now that is what I’ve heard repeatedly  from liberals who cannot refute the facts.  So I remarked, “And J____________, she is the biggest liar of all.  So why are you voting for her?” Silence!

A few days before that exchange, I was talking to a woman who is a blue collar worker.  She drives limos.  She told me she worked with 14 other women.  Two of those women were all for Hillary Clinton.  She went on to say that the only reason the two women were going to vote for Hillary was because Hillary was a woman.  Hillary’s gender was the sole criteria for their voting for her.  In other words, like J_______ they are either ignorant or in denial about Hillary’s criminal activities. It is a poor reason to vote for a person.

Now my wife and I have friends who are Democrats and have always voted Democrat.  They don’t seem to care that their votes are going to a woman who has a radical history and is an influence peddler for pay.  The only criterion that counts in their eyes is that she is a Democrat.  They are unwilling or unable to think beyond the fact that Hillary is a Democrat who has endangered the nation with her security lapses and that she has soooo many scandals behind her.  They don’t care if she is facing an investigation. She is a Democrat.  Again, ignorance!

Lenin, the Communist leader, labeled people with simplistic thinking like the people mentioned above “useful idiots.” Lenin knew from experience that many people supported political movements based on simple emotional appeals.  For example, Lenin’s slogan to gain power in Russia in 1917 was “Peace, Bread, Land.”  It worked.

Russia was suffering enormous casualties in World War I because of inept leadership from the Czar’s government.  The Russian populace wanted to get out of the war. Peace is what the average citizen wanted.

In addition, the Russian economy was mismanaged and starvation was stalking the Russians.  So bread to feed the hungry was another priority.

Land was an appeal to the Russian peasants who wanted their own plot of land to farm. Most land was owned by members of the nobility who had palatial estates with peasants tilling the land on their behalf.

Promises made are not necessarily promises kept. Lenin and his Communist cohorts wanted power and when they got it they didn’t keep their promises.  After Lenin withdrew Russia from fighting Germany in World War I, he instituted a civil war to crush his enemies.  Russia was torn apart.  The civil war produced famine which killed millions of Russians. So bread for the masses still was a priority but the people didn’t get it.

Also the peasants didn’t obtain their plot of land.  The Communist government claimed it all for the government and forced the peasants to work the land on their behalf. The peasants just traded masters.

Prior to the Communists come to power, the people of Russia didn’t look at Marxist theory or even the writings of Lenin.  If they had, they would have known that the government instituted by the Bolsheviks (todays Communists) would be a dictatorship controlling all aspects of Russian society. As a result, they supported a regime that was more dictatorial than the Czarist government.  Ignorance doomed the Russian nation to oppressive dictatorship until 1989.

My point is that people like the liberals and Democrats described above are the pawns of the liberal Democratic politicians. LBJ declared his War on Poverty back in the 1960s. It has been a complete failure. We have more people living in poverty than ever before.  Add to that the overwhelming number of people on welfare and receiving food stamps.

Elbert Guillory, an African-American politician in Louisiana who switched from being a Democrat to a Republican, declared the Democrats have created a “government plantation.” In speech after speech, he has declared that the Democrats have made repeated promises of helping the African-Americans but they have not delivered. Instead, once they are elected, they carry on with business as usual. As he put it, “My constituents are no better off than they were 50 years ago.” (Sounds a lot like what Trump said.)

The US Labor Department in October reported that we have 9 million more government workers than manufacturing workers in the USA. The problem with that is that the government takes wealth but doesn’t produce wealth.

Jobs are flowing overseas because of low taxes. Irish relatives of my wife love Obama because Ireland is benefiting from corporations moving to Ireland because of the low taxes.  Yet the Democrats keep spending and taxing higher and higher.

Obama outspent all previous presidents and doubled the national debt during his eight years in office.  Debt is never good and experts are predicting that our nation is heading towards a financial crisis. Democrats deny what the experts say. Now Trump will have to deal with the mess Obama is leaving behind.

Yet there are those “useful idiots” who keep voting the same people into office who make empty promises. They are the “bumper sticker thinkers” in our society. They only understand the short messages that go on bumper stickers. They seek simplistic idealistic emotional solutions without examining the consequences of what is being promised.  For example, strict gun control laws have NOT prevented thousands from being killed each year

My point is that there are millions of Americans who are non-thinkers.  Hillary and Bill Clinton are criminals with a long history of illegal pay to play schemes. They have used their political power to enrich themselves. Hillary and her political cronies have lied repeatedly. Yet her supporters are in denial about all of the lies. She has no worthwhile achievements other than using her political positions to garner wealth. This is the woman who lost billions of dollars as a New York Senator and liberals believe she would be a good national money manager? How asinine!

Furthermore, she has been defended by the Democrats, liberals and the media as a person worthy to be president. The mere fact that she and Bill are facing several investigations should have been enough to disqualify her from running for the presidency.

This is why her defeat is the best thing that could happen to the United States.  Our nation will ultimately have a female president.  But don’t be surprised if many of the women who supported Hillary just because she was a woman will oppose a conservative woman running for the presidency.   Hypocrites!


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