Hillary Used Stealth Ear Bud

It is amazing how Hillary Clinton and her minions lie and cheat. At the NBC Commander-in-Chief forum hosted by Matt Lauer, Hillary wore a micro earbud which New York police described as an “inductive earpiece”.  This is a type of earpiece generally used by older stage actors who tend to forget their lines. The technology allows the wearer to receive information over long distances.

Close up images of Hillary definitely show the ear piece.  Two of her senior campaign aides denied the story; moreover, her senior spokesman Nick Merrill claimed what people saw was a “reflection of TV lights or flash”.  The problem with that explanation is that ears don’t reflect light or flash.  Skin absorbs light.  Only objects reflect light and this object definitely reflected light.  It looks like a pearl. According to an acting friend the pearl ear buds are common for stage actors who don’t remember their lines.


So Hillary rigged her interview.  Noting new!



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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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