Hillary Clinton and Obama Are Racists According to Elite Liberal School

The elite Bank Street School for Children in Manhattan is teaching young students as young as 6 years old that they are born racists.  Lessons include separating  white and students “of color” by rooms.  “Kids of color” are being taught to feel proud about their race while white students are made to feel guilty because of their “white privilege” status.  This segregation is reinforced with the “kids of color” receiving praise and cupcakes as rewards while the white students receive nothing.  It is reverse segregation and institutional segregation.

Decades ago psychologists warned parents and teachers about labeling young children. They stressed that if you constantly said to a child “You’re bad!” then it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy for the child.  Obviously the Bank Street School administration and teachers never learned that lesson.

The school claims it is “a novel approach to fighting discrimination.”  There is nothing wrong with fighting discrimination but this is a disastrous approach.  Here is what some parents are saving:

“One hundred percent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races.  They offer nothing that would balance the story.”

“Any questions they can’t answer they rationalize under the pretense of ‘institutional racism,’ which is never really defined.”

“I feel guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.” (A statement by a pupil.)

Now if this was the true state of affairs, then logically Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and even Obama are racists according to liberal thinking.  Well Obama is half of a racist since his mother was white and he was basically raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii.

This liberal thinking shows denial and ignorance about race relations.  Here are facts the liberals are denying or are ignorant about:

Black Africans were involved in the slave trade because they captured slaves and brought them to the coast of Africa to sell to the Europeans.

The Underground Railroad was run primarily by whites who used their farms and homes as stations for escaped slaves.

Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party was founded on the principal of abolishing slavery while the Democrats supported slavery. 

It was the white Radical Republicans who passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments over the objections of the Democrats.  These Amendments are bases for all civil rights legislation today.

The NAACP would not exist if it were not for wealthy whites providing the financial support for the organization especially during the days of segregation.

It was an all-white Supreme Court which ruled that segregation was illegal back in the 1950’s.

It was a white Republican president who enforced the desegregation of schools when Eisenhower ordered federal troops to Central Rock High School over the opposition of white Democrats.

These are just a few examples of the ignorance of the Bank Street School staff.  But like all ultra liberal s, they don’t know history.  As a result, they take political correctness to a new low.

Somebody needs to have them look at race relations over the centuries.  A start would be for them to read the excellent book by Harvard’s Chairman of the African-American Studies program Henry Louis Gates.  The book is “The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross.”


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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