Chicago Needs More Gun Control! What?

Yes folks, the city of Chicago needs more gun control.  This weekend 6 people were killed and 56 people shot.  The liberal city already has over a thousand people shot and 2016 is only half over.

This much murder and mayhem usually leads to the liberals yelling, “We need more gun control.”  Chicago has some of the toughest gun registration laws in the nation.  Yet the city has become a shooting gallery. So why have liberals stopped demanding more gun control?  Could it be that criminals don’t obey the law and get their guns through illegal means?  Hmmm, that certainly seems to be the case.

In addition, why isn’t the “Black Lives Matter” organization leading a protest in the Chicago?  Oh, wait a minute, no police fired their guns this past weekend.  Yet the organization turns its wraith on the police and ignores the high murder rate within the black community.  As in the past, there were innocent black lives taken this weekend when bystanders were caught in the cross fire of the shooters.  But the murder of innocent black people doesn’t count in the eyes of the “Black Lives Matter” organization. It certainly counts to the families of those innocent people.  The hypocrisy of it all is nauseating.

Decades ago I worked as a teacher in the prison system.  The convicts freely talked around me because I was not conceived as a person who was a threat to them.  What I learned is that our trial system is broken.   It takes too long for a person to go to trial (months or years). One convict told me that he was apprehended for a store robbery.  He was allowed to post bail and while awaiting trial, he committed 4 more robberies. He said that if he was immediately placed on trial and convicted, he probably would not have become a criminal.  He hated prison.

Another convict who was a lifer because he was a murderer told me, “This whole idea of reform is ridiculous.  If I don’t want to be reformed, nobody can reform me.  Only I can reform myself.” He agreed with the robber that if he was swiftly punished for his petty crimes, he probably would not have committed other crimes that led to the murder.

Here is proof.  In Singapore they are tough in enforcing their laws, even the minor ones.  Individuals are quickly placed on trial and punishment is severe.  Even jaywalking is punished.  You don’t dare throw a piece of paper on the ground because you can be beaten with a cane.  An American years ago learned this the hard way when he discarded a bottle on the street and was caught by the police. He was beaten with a cane as his punishment.

Cruel?  Maybe?  But I have a daughter who travels to Singapore on business and she describes it as a clean, safe city.  Other Asian cities she travels to require that her company provide her with a “security escort.” Not Singapore!

So liberals wake up!  Your coddling of criminals and useless “social justice” principles are part of the reason for the criminality in the US.


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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