Socialist takes over college

SOCIALISTS take over a school; this happens immediately…

Written by Allen West on May 18, 2016

It’s often said behind every successful man is a strong woman. Perhaps there’s a new twist on this maxim: behind every progressive socialist man is a socialist woman.” It would appear so when examining the case of Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane. Heck, I do believe Bernie Sanders certainly qualifies as the president of the Deadbeat Club if he indeed never earned a steady paycheck until he was 40 years old. Boy howdy, I was earning a steady check back in high school. Well anyway, it looks like ol’ Bernie’s philosophy of governance is shared by Jane.

As reported by Fox News, “A tiny Vermont college that has faced financial troubles since it was headed by the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will close at the end of the month, officials announced Monday.

Burlington College has been struggling under the weight of its $10 million purchase of property and buildings it made in 2010 from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington during Jane Sanders’ presidency.

President since 2004, she wanted to double the then-200 student school enrollment by 2020.

Last year, the college sold most of the land it had purchased on the Lake Champlain shore, widely considered the most valuable undeveloped real estate in Burlington, to a developer for $7.65 million. But that was not enough for the school to regain its financial footing.

It was placed on probation by its accrediting agency in 2014 for a lack of sufficient financial resources. Its lender in April told the college its line of credit would not be renewed.”

It seems President Sanders overextended the spending of the small college way beyond its $4 million operating budget. Also, in reading reports, it seems President Sanders raised the tuition on students in an attempt to recover from the financial situation. In the end, the college had an irrecoverable debt forcing it to shut down. Now, that was an example set by one President Sanders, do any of you think another would be any different?

But what really made me chuckle was this statement from Dean of Operations and Advancement Coralee Holm: “These hurdles are insurmountable at this time. It is with a great sense of loss to the educational community that Burlington College’s progressive and unique educational model will no longer be available to students.” The progressive and unique educational model will no longer be available to students — thank God.

What students should have learned from the closure of Burlington College is that a “progressive” budgeting model does not work. If it doesn’t work for a small college of less than 400, then how in the Sam Hill will it work for a nation of nearly 330 million people?

And how much of this hypocrisy can we tolerate with a Senator Sanders who talks about the rising costs of college tuition and how it should be free — when his wife, President Sanders, was raising the costs at Burlington College?

Doggone, I hate it when progressive socialists say one thing while they live another. But it does make it REALLY easy to find great stories to write about.

And what say Bernie and Jane Sanders on the matter? Yep, crickets — that folks is the liberal progressive socialist way — they never respond to the blatant failure of their insidious economic model policies.

But you know this won’t be a top story at MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or PBS. I don’t think they want it known that the wife of a socialist ran a college into the ground using progressive socialist economic models — spend more, and try to “tax” to overcome the debt created. Oh well, to take a maxim from good ol’ Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”

So ask yourselves, do we really want to “Feel the Bern?” I say no, because there is no way a first lady Jane Sanders would advocate for success in America. And for those of you who say ol’ Bernie won’t win the Democrat Party nomination – that may well be true, but he’s living proof the Party we once knew is now the new American Socialist Party. And there’s no going back — Sanders has defined the narrative for the Party of the jackass. And folks, I don’t want to see our beloved Constitutional Republic become a collective of jackasses – we’re already the brunt of global jokes.


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