Obama’s Climate Change Delusion

Despite the growth of terrorism globally, Obama still considers global warming to be the top threat around the world.  Anybody who has ever read the history of climate would know that there have been periods of warming and cooling of the earth because of a variety of factors from the earth wobbling in its orbit to the effect of sun spots.  For example, a tropical petrified forest was found under the ice in Norway in 2015.  Here was the announcement of the discovery:

“A tropical forest densely packed with 12-foot-tall trees with flared trunks and curved branches of needle leaves — Dr. Seuss would have felt right at home — covered an area near the equator some 380 million years ago. Scientists spotted the fossilized stumps a long way from this location — in Arctic Norway.”

The fact that it was a tropical forest speaks volumes.  Climate is not static.  It is always changing.

A cousin of my wife moves to Arizona from Alaska every winter.  She recently posted this question. “What is wrong with this?”  She posted the temperature for where she lives in Arizona and the temperature for Anchorage, Alaska. The temperature for Arizona was 32 degrees and the temperature for Anchorage was 34 degrees. It is called climate change.

In addition, scientist made another announcement during the year involving the Arctic area. “Climate change didn’t force Vikings to abandon Greenland.”

“The report published in the journal Science Advances challenges the long-held theory that Vikings settled on Greenland during warmer temperatures during the so-called Medieval Warm Period. Researchers analyzed chemical isotopes in boulders that were left by advancing glaciers over the last 1,000 years in Southwestern Greenland and nearby Baffin Island. Evidence points to a different story where Vikings settled a far colder, icier Greenland.

The findings reveal that the Medieval Warm Period, a balmy season that Europe experienced from 950-1250, was not felt elsewhere, including Greenland. Records show that Vikings first sailed from Iceland to Greenland in 985. They settled there in the 10th Century and anywhere from 3,000-5,000 settlers lived on Greenland, farming and harvesting walrus ivory.

The research not only challenges climate theories about the time when Greenland was settled by Vikings, it also calls into question long-held beliefs about the disappearance of the Viking settlers a handful of generations later. It was once believed that the colonies, which vanished sometime between 1360 and 1460, succumbed to a colder climate. The Vikings’ disappearance was thought to have followed the onset of the so-called Little Ice Age, which ran from about 1300-1850. Experts, however, have questioned this theory, noting the lack of early historical climate records from Greenland.”

Now a careful reading of this science article mentions the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.  The warming and cooling of the planet has been going on for thousands of years. It is not new. The fact that the Vikings were farming in Greenland is a clear indication that Greenland was not the icy frigid land that Al Gore imagined always existed. Farming can only occur in temperate climates.

So why does Obama continuously proclaim that the greatest threat to the USA is “climate change.” Well it is well-know to those who are informed about his financial contributors that they include businessmen promoting solar and wind energy. Why do you think millions were paid out to Solyndra despite all the red flags about the company?  Pay back!

The other reason is debt. Obama is fulfilling his father’s anti-colonial dreams.  If you doubt this, read his book, “Dreams From My Father.”

Obama has created along with his developed followers the largest debt in American history.  Along with the growth of the debt has come a decline in the American military and the pull-back from responding to the rise of radical Islamist around the world.  Armed forces need money to purchase the arms and equipment needed to fight the jihadists. Yet Obama continues to cut funding for our military.  Instead, he spends money on frivolous project such as driverless cars.  He intends to spend $3.9 billion on that project.

Why isn’t the $3.9 billion being spent on the military or at least in vetting the refugees he is allowing into the nation to prevent more jihadists from infiltrating our nation? It is because he is a radical in his own right who wants a weak and defenseless US.


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