USA Criminal Dumping Ground

One of the things the media sources are not publishing is the number of criminals flooding into the United States from south of the border.  Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have encouraged their criminal population to migrate to the US when they can obtain free entitlements.  In addition, there are better prospects for committing crimes in the US.

Nearly 2,500 criminals who migrated from those nations have been turned loose on the streets of the USA because those nations refuse to take them back. The US Supreme Court ruled in 2001 that illegal immigrants cannot be detained indefinitely if their country of origin refuses to accept them back.  Because the courts work soooooooooooooo slow in the US, many of the illegal immigrants who are criminals are allowed back into the US population to continue their life of crime.

This is not the first time the nation has faced a criminal explosion.  President Jimmy Carter got duped when he accepted Cuban refugees into the US through a deal with the Castro regime. Castro opened his jails and told the Cuban criminal element to go to the USA.  These so-called refugees created a crime wave in the US.

Now under Obama, we have a new accord with Cuba to allow people to come to the US and American citizens to go to Cuba.  Only the naïve and gullible people would think this was great.   You can be sure that Cuba will follow the example of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in sending their criminal population to the US.

The US is quickly becoming a criminal cesspool because liberals rationalize why illegal immigrants should be welcomed into our nation.  It is costing our nation billions each year to fight these criminals but the situation is starting to overwhelm our police forces.  The far left progressive politicians share an idealism that is not rooted in reality. As our nation continues to decline, they will blame everyone but themselves for the mess they created.  This should be no surprise because there model of denial is Obama.  He and the Democrats have welcomed the illegals and have refused to enforce the laws of the United States.  Thwarting laws is a hallmark of his administration. No wonder this nation is in such deep trouble socially, economically and politically.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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