If black lives matter…

If Black lives matter why are African-American urban communities killing each other in record numbers.  Black communities like Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. have such high murder rates of black on black that new records are being set each day, each, week, each month and each year.  It is hypocrisy to riot over white officers shooting black criminals such as in Ferguson when three investigations verified that Michael Brown attacked the police officer and Brown NEVER had his hands up. Yet urban blacks mount no protests about violent crimes perpetrated by blacks on blacks.

Of course black lives matter!  Why haven’t there been protests over black children being gunned down in black neighborhoods?  Why are there no protests over innocent black people being shot because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The city of Baltimore serves as an perfect example.  A black baby was a homicide victim in June.  Yes, a baby!  No protests!  Didn’t that baby’s life matter?

In July there were 43 homicides.  This was the deadliest month since August 1972 when 45 people were killed.  According to the Baltimore Sun newspaper, the homicide and shooting rates are outpacing those from 2014. By the end of July there were 68 MORE murders in the city of Baltimore than last year (187 deaths vs 119 deaths).  There were also 166 MORE non-fatal shootings when compared to last year’s rates (366 shootings vs 200 shootings).  So far the city is on track to establishing new crime and murder records before 2016.

Unfortunately, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake doesn’t seem to know what to do.  She fired her police commissioner Anthony Batts on July 8. He was a scapegoat. The Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis hasn’t been able to stem the crime tide either.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that the violence is outpacing the police department’s ability to investigate and bring the murderers to justice. According to Commissioner Davis, the “clearance rate” is at 36.6 percent which is below the department’s mid-40s average of 2014.

Crime experts and Baltimore residents list the following factors as contributors to the crime rate: “mistrust of the police; generalized anger and hopelessness over a lack of opportunities for young black men; and competition among dealers of illegal drugs, bolstered by the looting of prescription pills from pharmacies during the riot.”

Battles over controlling of the city’s drug trade is a major factor but the lack of jobs is also significant.  The rate of unemployment among young African-American males is double and sometimes triple the national average in urban areas.  Democrats have controlled major cities for decades and very little has been done to cut crime and provide needed jobs despite the billions of dollars in aid.  A change is needed in urban governments; however, the African-American communities are tied to the apron strings of the Democratic Party.  As long as blacks remain faithful to the Democrats then will continue to experience the violence and hardships that characterize their communities.  This is unfortunately because the African-American community deserves better.



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