Denial of History Is Ignorance

I received this response by a person who did not like my piece detailing not the history of the Confederate flag but the fact that African-Americans tend to vote Democrat despite their historical support of slavery and segregation.  Here is the response I received.

This piece is so stupid that it tries to make our history our presence. Hey, ARE YOU AWARE THAT we don’t live in our history? Rather, we live in our presence. History is our rear view mirror and our presence is our windshield. One gives you a view of what have HAPPENED and the other gives a view of what IS HAPPENING. Next question is, ARE YOU AWARE THAT every black democrat knows that very simple ABC history and vote democrat NOT out of ignorance but because of knowledge.
Simple test question is, ARE YOU AWARE THAT 100% of liberal democrats want that rag gone for the last 50 yrs. On the other hand, over 60% of republicans defend the rag. They see the rag as some kind of noble heritage. If you look at these people personal history, you’ll find that they were strong democrat back “in the day”. I mean their grand parents were all Dixiecrat. So, please don’t get stuck in history. Wake-up and smell the coffee, It is brewing today, right now not 50yrs and before. Don’t be in denial. The republican party and Fox News are safe havens for TODAYS racists. Ask Donald Trump!

I obviously touched a nerve.  The critic doesn’t know history and dismisses it because s/he doesn’t know it as demonstrated by what they wrote.  The critic has unsubstantiated claims that border on ignorance.  Let’s start with a very basic fact.  All peoples and nations today are shaped and influenced by their history.

The critic makes a sweeping generalization “That every black democrat knows that simple ABC history and vote democrat NOT out of ignorance but because of knowledge.” What crystal ball was used to conjure that idea up?  The key words in his or her response are “every black democrat.”  Every?  100% of black Democrats are aware of what the Republicans did for them?   There have been innumerable questioning of people, both black and white, on the streets in major cities about events in the news.  Late night TV celebrities, talk show hosts and news reporters have asked people on the streets about the latest news and/or their knowledge of  history.  Americans of all races have failed these pop quizzes miserably.  This has been validated by educational surveys of students.  The most recent report on American History showed that only 25% of 8th graders had proficiency in history and geography.   So I challenge my critic to read Henry Louis Gates’ book, “African-Americans:  Many Rivers To Cross.”  It is the best and latest black history book on the market.  By reading it you will expand your limited knowledge about black history and the roles of the Republican Party and Democratic Party.

The critic then goes on to say that “100% of liberal democrats want that rag gone for the last 50 years.”  So where did this statistics come from?  By making that claim s/he is using history to bolster his/her claim by referring to the past. But wait a minute history is the rearview mirror which s/he lampooned.  Besides my blog wasn’t about the flag coming down but who put it up in the first place.  This vital point was missed by the critic.

“If you look at these people personal history, you’ll find they were strong democrat back “in the day.” Really?  S/he is using history again.  The critic demonstrates a lack of knowledge and reasoning about the voting record of the southern black population.  Why would southern blacks vote for the very people who restricted their voting rights through literacy tests, grandfather clauses and poll taxes?  Why would southern blacks vote for white Democrats who fought integration and tried to suppress their civil rights? Again your remark demonstrated a lack of common sense and history because southern blacks were not that foolish.

Then the critic compounded his/her ignorance when s/he wrote, “I mean their grandparents were all Dixiecrats.”  Wow!  That remark clearly displayed that the critic had no knowledge of history. Dixiecrats were racists of the first magnitude.  They tried to run Strom Thurmond for President on a third party ticket.  Apparently my critic doesn’t know who Strom Thurmond was or what he stood for “back in the day.” He was a true racist.

“Don’t be in denial.”  I laughed at this remark.  It is a case of the critic projecting his problem with denial on me.  I am not the one brain-washed by the liberal media.  I know history and I see what liberal Democrats have done or perhaps I should say not done in the cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. which the Democrats have controlled  for decades.  Massive unemployment, major debt, increased poverty, corruption etc. have characterized their rule.  The result is that the Democratic controlled states and cities have major debt, corruption, and violence.  Yet the people who voted in the Democrats repeatedly are to blame.  To paraphrase Einstein, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.”

Now the critic also claims that the Republican Party is racist.  S/he should be a shame of him or herself for making such a remark.  Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Tom Scott, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Elbert Guillory, etc. chose the Republican Party over the Democratic Party.  If the Republicans were racists they would have never welcomed these African-Americans into it. (Part 2 will have why Elbert Guillory switched from being a Democrat to a Republican.)

I recommend to the writer that s/he should  take time away from the brain-washing liberal media and watch Fox more.  It was Fox who saved black liberal commentator Juan Williams’ butt when he was fired from NPR and hired him even though he is a liberal Democrat. In addition, Fox has a multitude of black news anchors and contributors such as Charles Paine, Harris Faulkner, Arthel Neville, Jason Riley, Stacy Dash, Angela McGowan, David Webb, etc. to name a few. Also the writer slanders a station that hired Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., to be a commentator. So the remark that Fox is racist is bogus, unfounded and crap.  It is what the liberal media uses as a piece of propaganda and the critic fell for it.  To quote Joseph Goebbels, the Nazis Minister of Propaganda, “If you tell a big enough lie and you tell it often enough, people will believe it.” So I recommend that the critic change channels once in a while and see what Fox is reporting that the liberal media is trying to hide.  You will learn a few things.

Finally, you assume that I am white.  Have you ever given it any thought to the idea that I am an African-American who knows the black community from a personal perspective?

Critic ponder what King said!

King history quote





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