Communist in the White House (Part 3)

The Franklin Roosevelt Administration was riddled with Communist agents actively working on behalf of the Soviet Union.  This was not speculation but fact.  Even when presented with accurate information about the agents, the President and members of his administration could not believe it despite the facts.

It was recently revealed that Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s personal and closest advisor, comes from a family with extensive and deep Communist ties. Despite the revelation, the national media virtually remains silent about the fact that the FBI had a file on her family’s Communist activities.  But Valerie is not the first one with Communist ties in the White House.  Franklin Roosevelt’s personal and closest advisor was a man by the name of Harry Hopkins.  Like Valerie Jarrett with Obama, Hopkins had an enormous influence over FDR.

In 1990, a book entitled “KGB: The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev” was published.  It was co-authored by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky.  The latter was a former agent of the Soviet Union.  In the book, Gordievsky wrote that early in his KGB career he attended a lecture by Iskhak Abdulovich Akhmerov who was the leading Soviet agent in the United States during the 1940’s.  Akhmerov was the controlling agent for a host of people operating within the US government.  On page 287 he wrote this about Akhmerov’s lecture:

“The main subject of his lecture was the man whom he identified as the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States: Harry Hopkins, the closest and most trusted advisor of President Roosevelt.  Gordievsky later discussed the Hopkins case with a number of officers in Directorate S and FCD American experts.  All were agreed that Hopkins had been an agent of major significance.”

Over time additional evidence emerged that verified that Hopkins and Akhmerov met regularly and Hopkins passed on vital government information to him.  In addition, Hopkins was identified as a key member of an important Communist cell that included other agents within the US government.

As historian Thomas Fleming wrote in his book,” The New Dealers’War: FDR and the War within World War II:”

There was scarcely a branch of the American government, including the War, navy, and Justice Departments, that did not have Soviet moles in high places, feeding Moscow information.  Wild Bill Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, had so many informers in its ranks, it was almost an arm of the NKVD.  Donovan’s personal assistant, Duncan Chaplin Lee, was a spy.”

So it is not far- fetched to imagine we have the same situation today.  FDR had his Harry Hopkins and Obama has his Valerie Jarrett.  Hopkins has proven to be a Soviet agent but history must be the judge of Jarrett.  Only time will tell if history has repeated itself in the White House.



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