The Consequences of Leading From Behind

Liberals celebrate Obama’s leadership style which he characterized as leading from behind.  The problem is that it is not leadership but the lack of it.  His failure to truly lead is seen in what has happened globally.

Remember when he called the terrorists of the Middle East the JV team?  The use of the term JV implied a sub inexperience group of terrorist.  Today the JV terrorist team controls a vast segment of both Syria and Iraq.  ISIL has made a mockery of Iraqi’s army by defeating it and pushing it back from a number of key cities.  They are holding on despite not having command of the air.  Radical Moslems are flocking to its banners.  Recruits come from nations around the world including the USA.   As their power grows, Obama is in denial because he has already declared that the war on terror is over.

Obama’s lack of leadership and resolve has allowed terrorism to grow.  He has drawn lines in the sand and made threats that he never keeps.  As a result, terrorism has a new life.

Putin has also seen the lack of resolve by Obama.  Like Hitler and Stalin, he tested Obama by invading Crimea in the Ukraine.  Obama’s response was to give the Ukrainian armed forces no significant help.  Putin then went further by invading eastern Ukraine.  In this undeclared war, Russia claims it has no troops fighting there despite the fact Russian civilians are angry that their young men are getting killed in that region.   Anybody who knows the history of Communist Russia knows that this was a standard tactic employed by the Russians in the past

In addition, Obama is acting like the British and French prior to World War II.  Hitler took over the Rhineland in 1936 to test the resolve of the French primarily.  The French backed off.  So Hitler took over Austria next.  No reaction from the French and British.  Hitler then said he wanted the Sudetenland which was part of Czechoslovakia.  Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England, flew to Germany and gave Hitler the Sudetenland at the Munich Conference.  Czechoslovakia’s protest was ignored because Hitler said he was appeased and Chamberlain claimed “Peace in our time.”  Six months later Hitler took over the rest of Czechoslovakia.   Then on September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and World War II began.  Obama is America’s Chamberlain.

Then there is China.  China has aggressively pressed claims to portions of the Pacific Ocean.  To back up those claims, China is building a modern navy.

Chinese aggression has increased as the US has pulled back from the Pacific.  Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines have increased their military budgets because they fear China.  There is a cold war between those nations and China.

Yet Obama cuts back the American military while these aggressive nations act belligerently.  Rather than strengthening the US, he weakens it in a variety of ways.  Wealth is needed for national security.  You must have money to pay for armaments.  Under Obama we have amassed the largest debt in our nation’s history because of his wasteful spending.  He has spent more money than all of the presidents from Washington to Clinton.  Because of the interest on that debt, it will soon be the largest debt from Washington through George W. Bush.  But he doesn’t care.

If we have World War III, he will be the person most responsible for it.  He doesn’t lead; he panders to our enemies and betrays our friends.  God help us.



About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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