How would Martin Luther King Jr. have handled the Freddy Gray case

Nothing good comes from riots.  Riots where there is looting and burning of buildings only creates hardships for the people of a city.  They ultimately will pay the price and be the losers.

As a southerner, Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that if his protests became violent it would be counter-productive.   He would be viewed as a radical and he would not have much support.  It would also impact the African-American community and cast them in a negative light.

His approach, in my opinion, would have been to organize a peaceful march and hold press conferences to call attention to the situation.  He would call for an independent investigation to seek out the true facts of the case.

If the police were to interfere in a violent way with his peaceful march, the onus would be on the police.  He would gain more sympathy for his cause among both blacks and whites as events showed during his lifetime.  It would also give him more leverage to have an independent investigation.

King would also have accepted the facts supporting a case if they were not tainted by politics or a whitewash.  Any case that was tainted would have resulted in a persistent campaign by him to focus the public on what was wrong with the decision in the case.  He would use the media to maintain pressure on the entity responsible for the decision.  Whether he would win or not would be hard to say.  But I believe he would gain public support for his cause.

Today it seems as if the African-American community has turned its back on the tactics and principles of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The lessons he learned in crusading for civil rights and tried to pass on to future generations has been lost.  His legacy has not endured because the present generation lives by a different code.  It is a code of violence and mayhem that he would have hated and despised.  It is too bad because he had a winning strategy.


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