Federal Probe Backups Ferguson Grand Jury

As I previously reported on my blog, there were three autopsies performed. Today the federal autopsy was released and confirmed the other two autopsies.

The Associated Press reported, “The Justice Department autopsy found that Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds and had severe head and chest injuries, though it noted that the chest injury might have been an exit wound from a shot that entered Brown’s arm. The autopsy also found a minor gunshot wound to Brown’s right hand was evidence of close range discharge of a firearm.” The latter point is consistent with Police Officer Wilson’s testimony that Michael Brown was the aggressor when he reached into Officer Wilson’s open police car window. Wilson testified that his gun went off when he struggled with Brown. There were credible witnesses who verified and substantiated Wilson’s statement.

In addition, many of the documents released by the federal probe contained information that was similar or identical to the grand jury documents released by District Attorney McCulloch on November 24. What is interesting is that the federal government, Attorney General Holder’s Justice Department, didn’t release copies of FBI interviews with some witnesses including Brown’s crime partner Dorian Johnson. When asked why not, an FBI spokeswoman in St. Louis declined comment.

It was Johnson’s incendiary statements, proven false by the autopsy and reliable witnesses, that provoked much of the outrage over the case. Here is one of the major what if’s of the case. Would there have been the deadly looting or burning if the Holder’s Justice Department backed up DA McCulloch with their own supporting autopsy and documents? Was Holder playing a race game of his own?


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