Ignorant Protestors

It is appalling that the Ferguson protestors around the nation have never looked at the grand jury transcripts of the Michael Brown/Darrell Wilson case. They clearly demonstrate that the protestors are unwilling or unable to accept the true facts of the case.

The Associated Press obtained the grand jury transcripts and gave them to a team of reporters to analyze. They issued a report that verified what DA McCulloch had told the public in his news conference about the facts of the case. Here are the facts:

  1. Michael Brown was not a boy but a 6’6” man.
  2. A store videotape confirmed that Michael Brown robbed a store with his friend Dorian Johnson. (His crime is ignored.)
  3. There were three autopsies. One was performed by the local coroner; a second by the Brown’s chosen forensic scientist and a third by a federal forensic scientist.
  4. Neither the Brown’s chosen forensic scientist (Michael Baden) or the federal forensic scientist disputed the findings of the local coroner.
  5. Michael Baden in his news conference did publicly state that some of Michael Brown’s wounds were consistent with a close confrontation with Officer Wilson. (This has been ignored by the media.)
  6. Contrary to statements made by witnesses like Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown was NOT shot in the back. This was proved by the autopsy.
  7. There was NO evidence that Michael Brown had raised his hands to surrender to Officer Wilson. Witnesses who made this claim gave contradictory testimony. Eventually a number of them admitted they had NOT witnessed the shooting.
  8. Local papers published the account that Brown had his hands raised without checking the facts. As the DA said in his conference, the newspapers inflamed the issue by publishing a story from a witness, Dorian Johnson who was Brown’s crime buddy, who was caught in a series of lies before the grand jury.
  9. Credible witnesses did testify that Michael Brown was the aggressor when he reached into the police car and appeared to be hitting Officer Wilson. (Forensic evidence confirms a confrontation in the car.)
  10. Credible witnesses also testified that when Michael Brown was ordered to stop and heed the commands of Officer Wilson, he refused and aggressively moving towards and not away from Officer Wilson.
  11. Attorney General Holder had two federal agents present during the grand jury deliberations. They reported back to him what was happening. So he knew what evidence was presented and the testimony that was given. He did not dispute the findings of the grand jury.

Other tidbits from the transcripts had prosecutors showing jurors clips of the witnesses making statements on TV. This was to demonstrate a multitude of inconsistencies in their claims.

Here are some examples:

Dorian Johnson, Brown’s crime partner, told the grand jury “that Wilson fired at least one shot at his friend while Brown was running away: ‘It struck my friend in the back.’” The forensic scientists agreed that Brown was NOT shot in the back.

One woman claimed she saw a second police officer in the passenger seat of Wilson’s vehicle. When quizzed by a prosecutor, she elaborated: The officer was white, “middle age or young” and in uniform. She said she was positive there was a second officer — even though there was not another officer present.

Another witness told the FBI that Wilson shot Brown in the back and then “stood over him and finished him off.” But in his grand jury testimony, this witness acknowledged that he had not seen that part of the shooting, and that what he told the FBI was “based on me being where I’m from, and that can be the only assumption that I have.”

Another man, describing himself as a friend of Brown’s, told a federal investigator that he heard the first gunshot, looked out his window and saw an officer with a gun drawn and Brown “on his knees with his hands in the air.” He added: “I seen him shoot him in the head.”

But when later pressed by the investigator, the friend said he had not seen the actual shooting because he was walking down the stairs at the time.

“What you are saying you saw isn’t forensically possible based on the evidence,” the investigator told the friend.

Shortly after that, the friend asked if he could leave.

“I ain’t feeling comfortable,” he said.

Already this case has generated myths. The protestors don’t let facts influence their thinking because they ignore the facts or deny them. They are a perfect example of what Dr. Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister said, “If you tell a big lie often enough, people will believe it.”


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