Obama’s False Insurance Promise

President Obama’s mantra a few years ago was that his health insurance plan would be affordable for everyone. As with many of his promises, it is a false one.

The Associated Press-MORC Center for Public Affairs Research released a new survey verifies what critics reported before ObamaCare was passed by the Democrats without reading it. It doesn’t hold costs down and it is getting more expensive every year.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said part of the problem is that many consumers don’t understand how to buy insurance. Consumers pick insurance based on cost. Duh! Low cost plans have higher deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs as critics claimed years ago. There are also fewer doctors and hospitals available for those with ObamaCare.

Here is what the survey stated:

29% of people with high deductibles don’t go to a doctor when they are sick or injured due to costs.

23% of people with high deductibles skipped recommended tests or treatments.

24% of people with high deductibles have used all or most of their savings to pay the deductibles.

28% of people with high deductibles are putting less money away for retirement because of the deductibles.

The solution would appear to pay high premiums and have lower deductibles. The problem with this solution is that premiums are increasing. It has already been reported that premiums in Louisiana and Iowa will triple this year. It is expected that other states will also have significant increases in premiums in the future as the critics claimed.

There is more. Many people cannot afford the deductibles. On the silver plan deductibles average about $3,100 yet years ago Obama proclaimed that deductibles would only be around $1,300 for individual coverage. They are double that figure on average.

In addition, the survey highlighted that 45% of the people who switched plans after the alleged government fixes found they were paying more, not less. Only 29% were paying less. Out of the 45% paying more, only 11% felt they were getting higher-quality care for their dollar.

Democrats are still in denial about the negative impact of the law, about their refusal to even discuss the law with Republicans and how it is adversely affecting the very people it was supposed to help. Yet those critics who did read the law were severely criticized by the Democrats and the media for pointing out what has now become apparent to most people. It is a badly flawed, costly law for those it was supposed to help and a big money maker for the health insurance companies.

Premiums are sure to go up but the Obama Administration has refused to reveal the new premium rates for 2015 until after the November election.   This was supposed to be “the most transparent administration.”  The mere fact that they will not make the premium rates known is a red flag that rates will climb substantially.  Watch for sticker shock in late November or early December.


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