Obama Wins and US Loses

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that Canada will build its own pipe line from Alberta to refineries in Saint John, New Brunswick, on the Atlantic Coast. He cited President Obama’s dithering over the Keystone XL pipeline and Obama’s preference for solar panels and wind farms as the reason.

The Canadian pipeline will created thousands of new jobs and increase Canada’s per capital wealth tremendously. Canada is already lining up customers in Europe and Asia.

Harper said this month that “…the United States is unlikely to be a fast-growing economy for many years to come.” Financial experts agree with Harper’s assessment of the US economy; furthermore, Canada’s decision gives that nation a major economic boost in the global supply chain.   They have taken a giant step that will leave the US economy trailing behind the Canadian economy according to financial experts possibly for decades.

Obama won and we lost a lot.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania, pointed out that the Obama Administration’s spending has created an unsustainable debt where the interest payments on that debt are growing faster than our economy.

The Keystone pipeline would have been a real boost to our economy and paying off our debt. Obama is creating a poverty stricken nation with a disappearing middle class according to government statistics.


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