Signs of the Time

While reading the daily newspaper, I was struck by certain indicators of our problems today. There was an article about how an old factory was being turned into a housing development. The fact that it was old factory demonstrated how much industry in the United States has disappeared. The need for housing showed population growth.

Further into the paper, there were maybe about a dozen jobs being advertised. It used to be pages of jobs but our economy is so bad that the job market has shrunk tremendously.

The paltry job advertisement was followed by 4 and a half pages of homes being sold for taxes. The lack of jobs and economic growth has created a housing crisis. People were losing their homes because they could not afford to pay their taxes. Yet the city keeps raising taxes because they have a shortfall in their revenue. It is insane.

Finally, the crime rate is up significantly. As the city sinks deeper and deeper into debt, they continue to raise taxes forcing many businesses to move to the suburbs because of the cost. The flight of businesses cuts down on the jobs that are available. This in turn means people cannot pay their taxes. The non-payment of taxes has created numerous abandon homes because nobody wants to buy homes in a crime area and crime continues to flourish.

The city’s former mayor was convicted of corruption and fraud a few months ago. He operated like Obama. He ignored the city council and spent money on unauthorized projects. He even commissioned a bust of Obama for city hall without getting authorization from the council to spend the money. His spending drove the city so deep in debt that they didn’t have money to repair the high school which was falling apart. Finally, an investigation revealed massive fraud which led to his arrest and conviction.

Our city mirrors the nation.  It is so deep in debt it cannot raise enough revenue to pay its bills. The city wants to tax the rich more but the problem is that the rich have left the city. So now the rich are anybody who has a job. The jobholders are paying for the non-workers in the city and the non-workers are multiplying while the jobholders are declining. All of this will have future consequences.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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