He is a prophet!

Colonel Ralph Peters is a prophet. The Fox News Contributor wrote a book called, “Wars of Blood and Faith” back in 2007. The book is a collection of articles that he wrote.

I happen to pick up the book after having a discussion with my wife about the Sunni-Shiite conflict. She was trying to get her head around the differences between these two Muslim groups and why they have been fighting each other for over a thousand years. Colonel Ralph Peter’s book is filled with major insights into conflicts around the world. Even Megan Kelly, Fox News Commentator, said on one of her evening shows that Peters predicted the present Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s invasion of the Crimea. She previewed previous interviews with him and she stated on air that he had accurately predicted what Putin would do. Peters has been very perceptive and accurate in predicting world events. He knows history and can see consequences of actions around the world because of his knowledge of the past.

Here are some of the tidbits from an article called “Plan B for Iraq” written for the Armed Forces Journal in November 2006.

“If we leave Iraq, there will be a civil war.” (It has happened.)

“We can afford being seen as heavy-handed, but we can’t afford being seen as weak.” (We are perceived as being weak due to the appeasement policies of the Obama Administration along with his drawdown of American commitments around the world.)

“Human beings may hate a distant enemy in the abstract, but in practice they prefer to kill their neighbors.” (This certainly statement applies to the Sunni and Shiites in the Middle East.)

“The old Arab-Persian antipathy eventually will reemerge in Iraq.” (If you read the news , Iran (Persia) is getting involved by supporting the Shiite controlled Iraqi government.)

“Perhaps it’s time to let the Middle East fight itself out. And the best way to protect Israel is to involve Arabs and Persians in resource-draining struggles within the Muslim world. (This is precisely what is happening not only within Iraq but also Syria. We need to stay out of both conflicts.)

“The region is due for another of its periodic bloodbaths and, paradoxically, the exhaustion in the wake of a sectarian war may be the only long-term hope for peace.” (I totally agree. There is no need for the United States to step into the middle of this bloody feud between the factions. Saudi Arabia is supporting the Sunnis and Iran is supporting the Shiites. Let them fight it out through their proxies.)

It is best to keep our military strong for the future. The greater danger is the emerging Cold War. The U.S. could best use its resources to support the Ukraine and stop Russian aggression in its tracks along with countering Chinese aggression in the Pacific region. If we don’t, we will have a heavy price to pay in the future.


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