Decline of the United States (Part 4)

At a time when terrorism has increased, the Chinese military is growing astronomically and Russian aggression goes unchecked in Eastern Europe, the United States military is being gutted by the Obama Administration; furthermore, as the United States withdraws from key regions around the world, hostile powers are moving into those areas.

A major reason for the diminished state of the American military is the spending in Washington on domestic programs that are pushing the nation deeper into debt.   All of the US national entitlements are bankrupting the United States. Both the Federal Reserve Board and the International Monetary Fund have issued reports stating that the American deficit and debt are “unsustainable.” The IMF warned that America’s debt is “still not on a sustainable longer-term path.” the IMF also warned. They stated the “government needs to start running surpluses within a decade by lowering health care costs, addressing the Social Security trust fund’s expected depletion, and raising tax revenue.” But many economists predict that will be impossible because of liberal Democratic politics of spending.

Basically, liberal Democrats are shrinking our armed forces in order to pay for domestic programs that never stay within their budgets. They are draining our nation treasury of money that could be used to build and maintain our armed forces to confront the rebirth of terrorism, Chinese military build-up and Russian aggression. Unfortunately, it is almost a carbon copy of what liberal Democrats did in the 1930’s.

During the 1930’s the US military was smaller than the military forces of many third world nations. This was the time when Germany, Italy and Japan were aggressive in Europe, Africa and the Far East. When the US finally went to war, our armed forces were outmatched by these powers because the US failed to build and maintain key weapons systems. This ultimately caused thousands of Americans being killed before we could come close to matching our enemies.

Under the Obama Administration the US has moved backwards with the military. Here are some examples:

–    The navy cannot upgrade the weapons and electronics on its 62 Burke class destroyers.

–    The army is reducing its inventory of GPS guided Excalibur artillery shells.

–   The army cannot develop a new engine for its M-1 tanks.

These sample projects are not being funded because of our debt and the need to fiance the President’s green energy, ObamaCare and other domestic spending programs.

The most damaging situation, however, is the lost of trained personnel from the armed forces. The downsizing of the military means the lost of expertise that cannot be replaced. It takes time to train people for their military duties. (It is a lesson we forgot from World War II.) History has shown that a professional, well-trained force has a significant impact in a war. It also means less casualties in the long run. This is why it doesn’t make sense at this time to downgrade American combat power when there are multiple threats around the world.

China is using the interest payments from the debt we owe to them to build and modernize her armed forces. For the first time in her history, China has an aircraft carrier to challenge the US in the Pacific region.   In addition, China has used American money to build and finance a Cyber Corps to steal American technology and to disrupt American communications infrastructure. American money is financing the growth of a potential enemy.

Russia is rebuilding its military to re-establish some vestiges of the Soviet Union. For the first time since the Cold War ended, Soviet military planes are flying off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. Soviet electronic vessels have been sighted off our coasts also. Why?

Liberals and Democrats are ignoring history. During the Great Depression they short funded the military in order to finance their schemes to achieve relief, recovery and reform. None of these three goals was really achieved because as Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau admitted to Congress in May 1939, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work… We have an enormous debt to boot.” Three months later World War II in Europe began and the US military was totally unprepared for war.

Several years ago in testimony before a Congressional panel, a top Pentagon official was asked, “What is the greatest threat to the United States today?” His instant response was, “Our debt!” Those two words are a prophecy.




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