Decline of the United States (Part 2)

In his book, “Things That Matter,” Charles Krauthammer wrote an essay entitled “The Unipolar Movement (1990)” that succulently prophesied why the United States would go into decline. What should be remembered is that his essay was written 24 years ago but it describes the United States today.

“An American collapse to second-rank status will not be for foreign but domestic reasons… America’s low savings rate, poor educational system, stagnant productivity, declining work habits, rising demand for welfare-state entitlements and new taste for ecological luxuries have nothing to do with engagement in Europe, Central America or the Middle East. Over the last 30 years, while taxes remained almost fixed (rising from 18.3% to 19.6%) and defense spending declined, domestic entitlements nearly doubled. What created an economy of debt unrivaled in American history is not foreign adventures but …America’s insatiable desire for yet higher standards of living without paying any of the cost.

…America’s involvement abroad is in many ways an essential pillar of the American economy. The United States is, like Britain before it, a commercial, maritime, trading nation that needs an open, stable world environment in which to thrive. In a world of Saddams, if the United States were to shed its unique superpower role, its economy would be gravely wounded. Insecure sea-lanes, impoverished trading partners, exorbitant oil prices, explosive regional instability are only the obvious risks of an American abdication. But they are also a necessity. The cost of ensuring an open and safe world for American commerce – 5.4% of GNP and falling – is hardly exorbitant.”

Under Obama and the Democrats we now have a debt exceeding $17 trillion and growing. We have over 92 million working age people out of a population of 330 million not working but depending upon government entitlements and handouts. Our economy is stagnant. American armed forces are being reduced to such low levels that we are retreating from the seas while our enemies, Russia and China, are expanding their armed forces. As we retreat, they are moving into positions of power around the world economically and militarily. America wake up!



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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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