Decline of the United States (Part 1)

The United States is in decline and the architects are President Barack Obama and the Democrats. In a few months the United States will be eclipsed by China as the world’s top economic nation. The situation was not inevitable but made possible by the policies of Obama and the slavish consent to those policies by the Democrats. Obama has spent more money that all previous presidents. And who do we owe most of our money to but the very nation who is our future enemy – China. Yes, we Americans are funding the growth of an enemy who is aggressively pursuing expansionist policies in Asia. Just the interest from our debt to China is helping China build her military forces.

There are other signs of the decline of the United States. The United States is giving up control of the Internet. Why? Obama wills it.   He defunded our space program. It is a relic because we now put astronauts in space using Russian rockets going to a Russian space station. Adding insult to injury is Putin’s invasion of the Crimea. Obama’s response was laughable. He imposes sanctions on individual Russians. That is like shooting a slingshot a tank. It has no effect.

Under Obama we have had the longest recovery from a recession in our entire history. Our economy is still struggling. Why? Again Obama and the Democrats are spending trillions without any significant growth. Unemployment is still high, welfare has grown, people on disability has reached new heights, businesses are closing, inflation has arrived, high levels of personal and family debt, decline in new housing, etc., etc. etc.

Rather than opening up the Keystone Pipe Line and herald a new age of prosperity for the United States, Obama makes excuses for why he doesn’t do it. Our nation could become self-sufficient in oil production which would lower costs for everything because transportation costs would be down. But no, Obama pursues green energy and rails against all other forms of energy without realizing that green energy cannot supply all of our nation’s needs. This supposedly intelligent man doesn’t seem to realize that the bulk of our energy comes from coal (which he hates) and atomic energy. Together these two sources of energy provide the electric for the hybrid cars that he wants to replace the gas fueled cars on the road now.

Add to these troubles the national debt. This week the Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellon, referencing the Congressional Budget Office’s long-term budget projections, admitted to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress that the federal government’s deficits “will rise to unsustainable levels.” This is not really new because financial experts have been saying this since Obama and the Democrats when on their spending sprees. The CBO projects that by 2024 the deficit will increase by $7.618 trillion and the debt held by the public (all U.S. taxpayers) will rise from $12.983 trillion to $20.947 trillion. What this projection doesn’t include is the Treasury Department’s borrowing from “the Social Security Trust Fund and other government trust funds to pay current expenses.” So basically they are shortchanging future generations as the Republicans have claimed by taking money out of trust funds meant for future generations.

We are a nation drifting towards catastrophe because of the Obama Administration’s policies and lack of leadership. His administration with the support of the Democrats in Congress doesn’t create budgets to spend money in a cost beneficial manner.

Debt has consequences and Obama and the Democrats always blame others for their own failures. What is troubling is that millions of Americans are either ignorant about or in denial that this administration is doing anything wrong. Only when the United States declines to a second rate power and the quality of life declines so much will the American public wake up to the disaster created by Obama and the Democrats. Unfortunately, it will be too late.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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