Millions for Defense

“Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute.” This famous phrase in American History should be applied to the Obama Administration’s response to Russian aggression in the Ukraine but with a twist. The millions in the case of the Obama Administration are millions of helmets for the Ukrainian armed forces. Yep, this is the military aid being given by the Obama Administration to help the Ukrainians against Russian aggression. Putin must be wetting his pants with laughter over this ridiculous aid. I can only assume that Obama must expect the Ukrainians to use the helmets to hit the Russians over the head.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Cold War ended, and Americans were naïve enough to believe that the new Russia would be our friend. Yet there were people who tried to warn the United States that Russia was a threat and not a friend. One of them was a Russian spy by the name of Sergei Tretyakov.

In the 2007 book about his spying entitled, “Comrade J: The Untold Secrets of Russia’s Master Spy in America After the End of the Cold War,” Tretyakov wrote this:

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States and Russia entered into what was supposed to be a new era of cooperation. The Cold War was behind us. We could become friends…Russia was suddenly, and is today viewed as, an ally, even a friend of the U.S.

In speaking out, I hope to expose how naïve this is. During the Cold War, in the Soviet military doctrine there was the definition of the MAIN ENEMY, which was also used by intelligence as a basic guiding principle. It was the United States, followed by NATO and China. What is the official guiding line for the modern SVR today? The terms have changed. It is now called the MAIN TARGET. But it is exactly the same: the United States followed by NATO and China. Nothing has changed. Russia is doing everything it can today to embarrass the U.S. Let me repeat this. Russia is doing everything today to undermine and embarrass the U.S…..” (Note-SVR is the replacement for the Russian KGB secret police.)

Russia is succeeding in its mission. Obama is scaling back American armed forces while Putin is building up his military. Obama’s RESET button did achieve change. It gave the green light for aggressive action in the Ukraine. Rather than eliminate hostilities, it promoted them. Putin sees Obama as an appeaser. He knows he can play chicken with Obama and Obama will blink each and every time Putin makes an aggressive move.  Obama truly “leads from behind.”

What Americans, Obama and Democrats tend to forget is that appeasement encouraged Hitler to become so aggressive that it led to World War II. Is Obama’s appeasement leading the world down the path  to World War III?



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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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