Sharyl Attkisson Dissects Morell’s Benghazi Testimony

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson recently resigned from CBS News. On Twitter she pointed out the absurd testimony given by former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell’s on the infamous Benghazi talking points.

On Fri. Nov. 16, 2012 CIA Dir. Petraeus told members of Congress the CIA didn’t remove “terrorism” and “al Qaeda.”But today, Morell testified under oath that it was the CIA that removed “al Qaeda” and that he, personally, made other edits.

Morell didn’t offer this info when asked by Congress in earlier private and public appearances.

CIA officials told reporters that the edits were made at a “senior level in the interagency process” … so as not to tip off al Qaeda as to what the U.S. knew, and to protect sources and methods.

Soon thereafter, another reason was given.

A source from the Office of the Dir. for National Intel. told CBS News’ Margaret Brennan that ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)made the edits as part of the interagency process because the links to al Qaeda were deemed too “tenuous” to make public.

Then, later in Nov. 2012, Morell provided yet another account. In a meeting w/ Rep. Senators McCain (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC) and Ayotte (R-NH), Morell stated that he believed it was the FBI that removed the references “to prevent compromising an ongoing criminal investigation.”

But it was just a matter of hours before there was yet another revision.

A C.I.A. official contacted Graham & said Morell “misspoke” and that it was, in fact, the CIA, not the FBI, that deleted al Qaeda references Today, Morell said, “I got it wrong and said the F.B.I. when in fact the C.I.A. was the one who took it out of the talking points. Morell says he corrected the record within two to three hours of his Nov. 2012 mistake. Today, Morell stated that the C.I.A. believed then, and that he still believes, “some of the attackers” were “affiliated with al Qaeda.”

That information, too, was edited out of the talking points but Morell said he was not personally responsible for that CIA word change. When asked who did, Morell answered, “The group of officers from our office of Congressional affairs and our office of public affairs.”

But previously, government public affairs officials had vehemently denied that any federal public affairs officials made edits.

Morell acknowledged personally removing the word “Islamic” from the phrase “Islamic extremists” in the talking points two reasons: so as not to further inflame passions in the Islamic world and because “what other kind of extremists are there in Libya?”

Morell also acknowledged removing the talking points disclosure that CIA had provided “warnings” to the State Dept. prior to the attacks. Morell’s boss, Petraeus, wanted the mention included but Morell deleted them.

Morell went against his own agency on this point in defense of Secy of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department.Morell said he felt the CIA was thumping its chest and unfairly heaping blame on the State Dept.Morell has now been hired by a PR firm operated primarily by former Hillary Clinton and Obama administration officials.

My comments: I was always taught that a liar compounded his/her lies with more lies. Morell’s testimony has no consistency which indicates more lies. The most damaging testimony he gave was the fact that he admitted the State Department was warned of possible attacks. Despite the warnings, the State Department failed to take additional precautions to protect Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. Those responsible for the security actually were promoted in the State Department despite their responsibility for the deaths of four Americans. It is also interesting that Morell works for a public relations firm owned and operated by Hillary Clinton and Obama associates.

I smell a conspiracy and cover-up!



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